Kitchen Essential FAQs

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Kitchen Essential FAQs

Whether Kitchen Essential you are setting up a new kitchen or upgrading an existing one, selecting the right kitchen essentials is important.  Right kitchen essentials will make your life much easier. There are many trendy and sleek kitchen essentials available in the market. However, choosing the ones that meet your needs will ensure that you are not splurging money on appliances that you won’t use in the future. 


To help you know what exactly you need in your kitchen, we will share with you some FAQs on kitchen essentials and their answers


1. What basics do you need in a Kitchen Essential

Here is the list of basics you would need in a kitchen: 

  • Utensils: From pots and pans to bowls to cooking spoons and ladles, a wide variety of cooking utensils are needed in a kitchen. All of these utensils come in different varieties.The choice of right utensils depends on your personal choice. For instance, some people find it easy to cook in non-stick cookware while some like traditional iron kadai.  
  • Kitchen appliances: A few of the appliances have now become a necessity in the kitchens. Some of them include: 
  1. Hobs 
  2. Water purifier 
  3. Mixer grinders
  4. Microwave ovens 
  5. Toasters 

These appliances make it possible to put meals on the table more conveniently. There is one more appliance that has become a necessity in modern Indian kitchens —-   a kitchen chimney. Though it does not aid in cooking, it makes your cooking experience pleasant.  

Installing a kitchen chimney keeps your kitchen clean and relatively smoke-free. Read more on the benefits of installing a kitchen chimney. 

Set cleaning hassles aside with the best auto clean chimney 

Crafted with high-quality material, our auto-clean chimneys are easy to maintain. Our chimneys ensure that the cooking odour doesn’t spread to the rest of the home. The auto clean chimneys come with an oil collector, where all the oil particles and other residue get collected. Unlike traditional chimneys, you do not have to clean the filters. Just empty the oil collector as and when required. For Propello kitchen price, call at 1800 121 0600. 


2. What is the importance of kitchen essentials?

Kitchen essentials make your cooking process easier and pleasant. For instance, our kitchen hobs come with an auto-ignition feature which makes it convenient to use. Just turning the knob would ignite the burner. Our kitchen chimneys not only help in removing cooking fumes but also illuminate the cooking area, improving the overall cooking experience.  


3. How do you maintain kitchen equipment?
  • Clean all the kitchen equipment thoroughly after use.
  • Check your equipment for any issues. 
  • Read the manuals and follow the instructions while using any of the equipment or appliances.
  • Buy kitchen essentials from reputed and authorised brands.


4. How often should you replace kitchen appliances?

Although there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to replacement, it is best to stop using an appliance if it is running slow or is making strange noises or has started acting up.


5. What are some of the factors to consider when purchasing any kitchen appliances?

Here are few things you must consider while buying following kitchen appliances: 

  • Water purifier: While buying a water purifier, you must consider a few factors, which includes the water quality, purification process, and storage capacity. Read about these factors in detail. 
  • Hobs: When you buy a hob, consider a few factors including its size, cooking capability, warranty, burner, and burner power.
  • Kitchen chimney: You need to be careful while buying the most important kitchen appliance, chimneys. A few of the factors include chimney type, size, filter style, and suction power. Here’s an interesting read on selecting a chimney. 


6. Why is it important to use and take care of kitchen appliances?

It is important to take care of kitchen appliances to ensure they continue to function properly. 

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