Kitchen Chimney

A Comprehensive Guide to Kitchen Chimneys

Step into the core and soul of your home – the kitchen, where savory and mouthwatering meals are made with love. At the same time, the cooking journey spreads flavors and aromas that fill your heart but on the other side, they may bring uninvited guests into your kitchen: foul smell and smoke.


To simplify your life, introduce the doorway to a fresher kitchen and cleaner air – Propello’s kitchen chimneys. Our revolutionary Chimney layout not only boosts the kitchen decor but also enables cleaner, healthier cooking surroundings. This modern kitchen chimneys is designed with the best monitor sensor solutions and ventilation advancement to make your cooking adventure more convenient. The Chimney is highly specialized and its easy maintenance features make your life easier and allow you to focus on making tasty meals. It guarantees not only to clear the air effectively but functions noiselessly and saves your power bill. Let us discover the high-end cuisine technology where utility meets style below.


Top 5 Benefits of Kitchen Chimneys

  1. Fumes and odor elimination: Smoke generated while cooking is very hazardous and prone to health risks. Choosing the right kitchen chimneys is important as it effectively removes smoke, vapor, and cooking odor as well. Maintaining hygiene and keeping your kitchen environment fresh and clean should be your utmost priority for you and your loved ones’ safety.
  1. Enhances air purity: Setting up a kitchen chimneys is a must in your kitchen as it ejects excess grease, smoke, steam, and other foreign particles which are extremely dangerous, a chimney saves you and maintains better air quality indoors, reducing the risk of health-related issues.
  1. Protects from discoloring: Constant contact with cooking fumes, steam, and vapor can lead to the staining of kitchen walls, ceilings, cupboards, and other kitchen appliances eventually damaging them. Propello’s kitchen chimneys has an oil collector that collects the oil and other pollutants keeping the kitchens look newer for longer periods.
  1. Fire safety and comfort: The kitchen chimneys have well-equipped features and high suction capacity for extracting grease and smoke that often leads to kitchen fires. It also refreshes the kitchen space during summer by eliminating cooking odor and regulating the temperature by cooling down.
  1. Minimize health threats: Removing smoke and other airborne particles lowers the chance of health-related diseases such as respiratory infections and allergies linked with poor air quality inside the kitchen. The kitchen chimneys is the savior that provides proper ventilation that channel out these fumes.


Different Types of Kitchen Chimneys and Their Features


  1. Propello Crypto Motion Sensor Kitchen Chimneys

The Propello Crypto Kitchen Chimneys is a remarkable addition to your modern kitchen space. It comes with a well-supplied motion sensor-detecting technology that spontaneously senses the presence of a cook and functions accordingly.


  • Productive ventilation: The Kitchen Chimneys is designed with a high extraction capacity that adequately removes cooking odors, smoke, and grease which helps to maintain a neat and hygienic kitchen.
  • Bright LED lights: It has embedded LED lights that brighten up your cooking zone so that you have a clear view of the culinary creations.
  • Low- maintenance: The Propello Kitchen chimneys requires simple upkeep, it has a separable filter that can be easily removed and reinstalled during the cleaning process.
  • Sleek design:The Chimney flaunts an elegant modern look that perfectly matches the present-day kitchen decor.
  1. Propello Elite Motion Sensor Kitchen Chimneys

The Elite Kitchen chimneys merges with both style and utility. It has a hands-free technology system that automatically keeps your kitchen clean and free from smoke by identifying it through the sensor.


  • Motion detector: The Kitchen Chimneys has an innovative feature that turns on as you enter the kitchen and enables fast ventilation.
  • Improved filtration: Propello Elite Chimney has advanced auto-clean technology that captures excessive oil and grease and the warm vapors are removed by draining out at the end.
  • Power saving: It works efficiently with little power energy while providing more usage.
  • Easy to use: The kitchen chimneys is created in a customer-accessible manner so that you can easily modify and regulate the speed and light based on your needs.
  1. Propello Glow + Motion Sensor Kitchen chimney


Glow + stands as a strong guiding light in the domain of kitchen chimneys and retains its elegance over time. Its wave control technology is the premium stock in the marketplace. The dry auto-clean tool and high-tech oil separator make your kitchen task easier as it remove dirt with just a flick of your hand and you walk into a gleaming kitchen.


  • Suction capability: The Kitchen Chimneys features multi-speed technology and high vacuum strength that can be changed consequently during the procedure.
  • Dry cleaning feature: The auto-clean technique of these chimneys uses heat thermal conductors to mildly warm the inner surface to melt the oil residues and grime and is gathered in the oil collector and the emitted vapors are released at the end phase.
  • Durable oil collector: The chimney’s grease trapper is built with long-lasting steel providing extended longevity and does not require repeated replacement.
  1. Propello Hoover Motion Sensor kitchen chimney

Introducing Propello’s exclusive kitchen chimneys – Hoover is a blend of creativity and functionality and has a detection mechanism with a modern style that elevates your cooking area.


  • Smooth operations: The chimney’s sensor operates effortlessly and alters the fan speed according to the usage providing maximum airflow as you cook.
  • Touch-sensitive control: The touchscreen of the Kitchen Chimneys is user-friendly and is very simple to access
  • Filtration at its peak: The chimney offers outstanding filtration efficiency, which grasps odors and cooking smoke minutely, leaving your kitchen clean and flawless.
  • Modern pattern: Instill your kitchen with a Hoover motion sensor kitchen chimneys that gives your kitchen a sophisticated outlook.
  1. Propello Queen + Motion Sensor Kitchen Chimneys


Presenting the Queen + Motion Sensor Kitchen Chimneys that stand as a top-tier kitchen ventilation! It has a powerful extraction capacity blending with alluring visuals. The original barrier filter is linked with a dry auto-clean system that promises utmost cleanliness.


  • Dry Cleaning Advancement:This Kitchen Chimneys is highly innovative and feature auto-cleaning functionality.
  • Unique separator filter: The queen + kitchen chimneys model comes with a distinctive partition filter that safeguards the gathering of oil and flushing it out.
  • Strong LED Bulbs: The durable LED bulbsare designed to resist damage which not only brightens your kitchen interior but also assures extended life expectancy of the chimney bulb.
  • Suction Power and Oil Collector: The Kitchen Chimneys has dual-speed options for regulating the suction power to speed up the suction for more fumes and speed less for fewer fumes. Its rust-resistant steel oil trapper can be used for a longer life span without replacement.
  1. Propello Classic Motion Sensor Chimney

This Classic kitchen chimney is strong-resistant and looks elegant even after extended usage. The balky dirt has no chance to stand alone on the kitchen surface as the modern oil collector grasps the grime, grease, and other pollutant residues and enables you to step into a shiny and clean kitchen. It comes with a lifetime motor warranty as well.


  • Ability to last: The chimney has a classic rustless body that does not collapse easily, lasts longer, and does not require frequent changes.
  • Motor and suction capacity: Propello’s Kitchen chimney motor has a lifetime warranty facility and the suction power can be used accordingly we can speed up for more suction when there are more fumes and less speed for less fumes.
  • LED lights:It has a built LED light fitted to the chimney that brightens the cooking spot giving a clear picture of the food in making so that the user doesn’t face any inconvenience.

Why Propello Kitchen Chimneys?


In the world of contemporary lifestyle, mini and compact modular kitchens are the first choice and are becoming more popular gradually. Propello’s kitchen chimneys is the perfect solution based on functionality and style and there is no looking back when it comes to selecting the ideal kitchen chimneys for your cooking room.


  • Innovative outlook: They present an extensive variety of kitchen chimneys with various layouts and styles giving a trendy sleek look that suits your modern kitchen domain. Propello kitchen chimneys are known for years of expertise and transform your kitchen into smoke smoke-free zone.
  • Leading Technology: Ourchimneys highlights advanced suction capability, noiseless system, and power-conserving features. This not only ensures effective air purification but also operates quietly and saves your energy costs.
  • Management and Longevity: It is often neglected when maintenance is a factor. Propello chimney models are easy to upkeep and filter saving your time. The chimneys are well equipped with strong implements that do not require regular substitution.
  • Value for money: Finance plays an important role in every part and parcel of life, and Propello Kitchen Chimneys has every alternative to manage your budget limitations. They price tag every chimney considering the suitable income level and make sure that every household has top-notch kitchen chimneys without overspending.
  • Customer support and service: Modern technology always needs servicing any time. Propello kitchen chimneysprovides prompt and efficient responses whenever you face any technical problem; it is just a call away.
  • Sustainable approach: The kitchen chimneys from Propello focuses on eco-friendly initiatives and minimizing energy usage encouraging conservation practices.

Propello Kitchen Chimney VS Exhaust Fans 

  1. Propello’s kitchen chimney has a custom and specialized ventilation tool whereas exhaust fans are all-purpose ventilation.
  1. The kitchen chimneys are generally mounted above the cooking area to remove smoke, grease, and odor that produce heat while cooking, and exhaust fans are generally set up on walls, ceilings, or windows that not only remove cooking gas but other indoor pollutants.
  1. The propello’s kitchen chimneys has a covering shade and filtration technique that removes foreign particles and exhaust fans generally don’t have any canopy and depend on the fans to remove air and heat from the room.
  1. Propello kitchen chimneys are available in many styles and forms such as wall mounted, sloped, curved, and pyramid, and have high suction power that filters oil grease and also have auto clean features. Exhaust fans are less effective than kitchen chimneys at removing gases and odors, especially in heavily used kitchens.
  1. Kitchen chimneys has an advanced filtration process where as exhaust fans simply pull air out of the kitchen without any filtration apparatus.
  1. The Kitchen chimneys comes with features like adjustable fan speeds, lighting and automatic sensors for efficient functioning and exhaust fans have very simple on/off switches but the advanced model’s function may vary.
  1. Kitchen Chimneys are more appealing and stylish which upgrades your modern kitchen look on the other hand exhaust fans are less visually appealing and do not add any view.



Do Kitchen Chimneys consume a lot of power?

Generally, the power consumption of kitchen chimneys depends on the aspects such as size and capacity and the motor used. But comparatively, they consume less electricity as compared to other kitchen tools.


Who will install the kitchen Chimneys at home?

The customer can contact the service center through the helpline number or email for the kitchen chimneys  installation aid. The team will be assigned the task near your area and the service person will come and fit the chimney at home.


Why should we use a kitchen chimneys?

A kitchen chimneys should be a must addition to your kitchen space as it offers several benefits and advantages and prevents health hazards as it consumes excessive fumes, odor, and harmful gases that are generated while cooking.


Does kitchen chimneys need regular upkeep?

Every object needs maintenance to make it last longer, similarly, appliances need to be handled with care, and regular cleaning of filters, ducts, and outer surfaces is essential to remove collected dirt, grease, and litter. Determined by the type of kitchen chimneys the rate of cleaning may vary. However, some well-innovative kitchen chimneys are low maintenance. It should be proficiently serviced at least once a year and is important to monitor and replace filters for smooth functioning.


How does the auto-clean process of kitchen chimney work?

kitchen chimney  has cutting-edge technology developments, such as an oil collector that captures oil and other particles such as smoke and steam. Inside the chimney is a partition filter or baffle filter that traps the grease and as the filters heat up, the residues start to melt and flow down the oil collector tray and the auto-clean process cools down gradually. The assembled grease and oil sediments in the collection pan can be easily disposed of, either by manual cleaning or channeling out to a separate vessel. The auto-clean features of the chimney can be turned on by hand or automatically depending on the model.


What are the types of chimneys available?

There are mainly two types of kitchen chimneys: vented chimneys which expel air through a duct outside the kitchen and non-vented chimneys which filter the air and circulate back into the kitchen.  


Are kitchen chimneys noisy?

Advanced kitchen chimneys are designed with seamless quiet functionality. Moreover, the noise can vary depending on the model and utility speed setting systems.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of carbon filter chimneys/ ductless chimneys?

Ductless chimneys provide effortless setup as they remove air ducts and can be placed flexibly in any site serves as an advantage, whereas the suction capacity decreases eventually by 30-35% due to the inclusion of carbon filters and it needs to get replaced every 3-4 months depending on the utilization and initiates ongoing expenses.


What types of lighting does the chimney have?

The kitchen chimneys generally have built-in lighting to light up the cooking spot below. The brightness is usually in the form of LED bulbs that are placed thoughtfully at the bottom of the stove hood. The LED lighting is selected for energy capacity, brightness, and durability. Overall it enhances the clarity while cooking and improves the entire operation and visual outlook of the kitchen. Some high-tech chimney models may also extend adjustable brightness settings for further convenience.


Are kitchen chimneys safe?

When installed and maintained adequately, it is safe and easy to access. The kitchen chimney improves the air quality of your kitchen space by removing smoke, grease, heat, and odors harmful to your health. You can check out the manufacturer’s instruction list that comes with the chimney before positioning it and follow the steps accordingly to ensure safety.



While choosing a kitchen chimney for your home, it is important to emphasize some important areas, such as it should be from reputed manufacturer and has a good name in the marketplace, the features and models available, compared with other manufacturers’ quality and materials used. The service and warranty also should be checked upon and you are good to choose the appliances that fulfill your needs and demand ensuring your kitchen is healthy and smoke-free.


Buying a kitchen chimney means investing in your health, well-being, and family and the endurance of your kitchen environment. It is more than just a ventilation system- it’s a core element of a kitchen. It’s time to bid farewell to the bad odor, smoke, and greasy particles and embrace the benefit of the chimney.

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