What Should I look for When Buying a Chimney?

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What Should I look for When Buying a Chimney?

Imagine cooking your favourite Indian curry for your family in a smoke-filled kitchen.  Of course, no one would like that. Therefore, to avoid smoke and cooking odour in your kitchen buy the best auto clean chimneys. Because these chimneys effectively remove smoke and odour, leaving your kitchen clean and fresh clean chimneys.  

Best auto clean chimneys have made cooking comfortable and kitchens cleaner

For instance, they effectively absorb the oil particles and odour, leaving your kitchen clean and helps you enjoy your time in the kitchen. With the availability of different types of kitchen chimneys in the market, people often get confused on what chimney they should buy.  In this paragraph, we are presenting the basic tips to the pick the right chimney for your kitchen: 


1. Chimney mounting style:

You can choose from different chimney mounting styles depending on the space available in your kitchen. For instance, most common types of chimney mounting style are – wall-mounted, island, and built-in. As the name suggests, wall-mounted chimneys are fitted to the wall. If your cooking hob is placed against a wall, you should go for wall-mounted chimneys. However, on the other hand, island chimneys are ideal for kitchens where a cooking stove is placed in the middle of the kitchen. Ideal for a smaller kitchen, built-in chimneys are compact and fixed on the wall. These chimneys are usually integrated within the overhead cabinet, saving the extra space in the kitchen.


2. Suction power:

This refers to the ability of the chimney to extract smoke and odour. The suction capacity of your chimney should depend upon your type of cooking. For instance, if you are someone who loves to cook Indian dal, curries or deep fried foods, buy a chimney with high suction power. At Propello , we offer chimneys with suction power that ranges from 750 m3/hr to 1800 m3/hr.


3. Filter type: There are three types of chimney filter:

Baffle, Carbon and Mesh filters.

  • Firstly, most of the chimneys for Indian kitchens have baffle filters as they are ideal for Indian cooking. These filters are durable and require less maintenance. 
  • Secondly, there are chimneys with carbon filters. Made up of charcoal slates with holes inside them, these filters are less durable than the other filter types.
  • Finally, there are chimneys with mesh filters which are made up of multiple layers of metal mesh. These filters trap the solid particles and channel out the smoke. Mesh filters are less expensive, but need very high maintenance.


4. Chimney size:

While choosing a chimney for your kitchen, always purchase a size exact or larger than your stove. Therefore, kitchen chimney should never be smaller than the size of your hob.


5. Auto clean technology:

Buy chimneys that have auto clean technology. Our auto clean chimneys with oil-collector ensure hassle-free cleaning. It collects  the oil particles and fumes in a separate cup , which can be detached and cleaned easily. 


6. Easy maintenance & after-sales service:

Always buy a kitchen chimney from a reputed company that offers an easy installation and prompt after-sales service. Having an Annual Maintenance Contract makes your work all more easier. At Propello, we offer AMC , where an expert visits your house annually to check the working of the kitchen chimney. The expert will repair it if they find any problem with the chimney. 


7. Price:

The chimney prices vary on the basis of its size, features, and technology used. The better the features, the higher the price of the chimney. To know our kitchen chimney price, call us at  1800 121 0600. 

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