What are the best 5 ways of drinking water?

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What are the best 5 ways of drinking water?

Lives of humans and other living creatures depend on water. Apart from drinking, we use water in different types of household works. For each type of work, you need to maintain a certain hygienic quality level of the water.
Water contains a lot of contaminants and a huge portion of them is harmful to our bodies. Hence, for the last few hundred years, people have been using various filtration methods to purify water. At Propello, we provide some high-quality water purifiers to our consumers. But, before acquiring information about them, you need to know the best 5 ways of drinking water by purifying appropriately.

Boiling water (Water Purifiers)

If you boil water, then 99.9% of living bacteria and other microorganisms will die. The water must reach the boiling point in this regard. As some living microorganisms can survive in high temperatures, you need to boil the water for 3-7 minutes. If you are living in a location of high altitude, you must boil the water for a longer duration. In high altitudes, water gets boiled at low temperatures. After boiling, let the water cool down so that large solid contaminants get settled at the bottom. Now, the water is drinkable.


You can mix a certain number of chlorine tablets in a certain volume of water. Do not use that water for the next 30 minutes. Now, if the water remains chalky, wait for another 1 hour. After that, you can drink that water. However, while drinking, you will get a smell of chlorine from it.

Reverse Osmosis or RO

Reverse Osmosis or RO is such a process that can effectively remove harmful inorganic solid contaminants, pesticides, microorganisms and various other harmful chemicals from water by giving pressure which is more than normal osmotic pressure. After that, the water is passed through a semi-permeable membrane. At Propello, some of our high-quality water purifiers use this technology. For example, our Splash Alkaline Water Purifier uses the RO process with Alkaline Cartridge. Its storage capacity is 8 liters and it has two pre-filters. There is a spirally wounded TFC membrane in it.


Distillation is one of the most inexpensive and quickest water purification methods. Here, the water is first evaporated and then, it is condensed. Due to this process, 98% of impurities will be removed.

Simple filtration

Filtration is a simple process where the water is passed through a filtrating media. In the past, this media was used to be made of sand and granular particles. In modern purifier machines, there are filters of carbon and some other elements. At Propello, all of our water purifiers consist of extra filters. However, in the UNO Water Purifier, the filters use Silver Nano Purification systems.

Finally, we must mention that our service experts take essential measures to maintain water purifiers purchased from our stores. Hence, they last longer.

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