Suffering from Insomnia? Chamomile Tea can Help

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Chamomile has been regarded as a ‘sleep inducer’ for ages – people suffering from a sleep disorder or insomnia benefit a lot, drinking chamomile tea. In fact, chamomile tea has always been treated as a natural remedy to fight inflammation and reduce anxiety. It is commonly known to possess mild tranquilizing effects. Its calming effects are mainly attributed to Apigenin’s presence, found in chamomile tea. Apigenin is a chemical compound that reacts with the brain receptors. It acts as a sedative and induces ‘sleepiness’ in the brain cells. Therefore, it is recommended to insomniac people to take it before going to bed.

Interestingly enough, there was always the presence of this herbal tea in literature for hundreds of years to treat sleep disorders. It was also found that volunteers who took chamomile tea twice a day for two weeks had lower levels of depression. It means that it has visible relaxing effects. Although this was contradictory research and was void of any definitive answers, this did not stop its wide popularity as a stress-relieving agent.

It is incredibly helpful for young mothers who go through rough days and nights to soothe their stress level and provide them with their much-needed sleep. According to psychologists, drinking chamomile tea relieves you from the stress of insomnia.


Preparation of Chamomile Tea

Take 1 cup of purified water from your water purifier, and don’t forget to choose from the best RO water purifiers. If you seek medicinal healing benefits, you must use the best form of drinking water from the top-rated water purifiers.

Boil the water into a kettle or a pot and add ½ tsp of dried chamomile to the boiling water and let it keep boiling on low flame for about 5 to 10 minutes. Ensure the lid is placed well over the opening to prevent the aroma from escaping into the air. The tea would retain the aromatic flavour in this way. Serve hot, preferably before bedtime.



Chamomile herbal tea is usually recommended before bedtime and twice in some cases for insomniacs. However, expert advice is always prescribed with medicinal herbs due to their effects on the body. Hence, it may vary from person to person.


Other health benefits

Chamomile is also said to effectively back pain, arthritis, bedsores, and others like stomach cramps. It is believed to have a remarkable effect on skin and hair health. Drinking this herbal tea with the right dosage and more an extended time may present to you lustrous hair and skin.

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