Planning to buy a water purifier? Check these insights

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Planning to buy a water purifier? Check these insights

Water is simply the most common – and most important – thing on Earth’s surface. Most of the human body ( around 75 per cent) is water and 25 per cent solid matter. The brain is said to be 85 percent water and like any other organ is sensitive to dehydration. However, drinking water to stay hydrated is not enough. You have to ensure that the water purifier you are using is providing water which is safe and free of impurities.  

Drinking contaminated water can be life-threatening in absence of RO water purifier

Impure water, whether drunk or used to cook food, can harm your health. It causes diarrheal diseases which can be fatal at times. To get access to safe drinking water at your home, it is a good idea to buy a water purifier. It removes physical, biological and chemical impurities and ensures that every drop of water is safe, pure and healthy. 

How to buy the best water purifier for the home? 

Finding the right water filter in India can be at times tough as there are a many models with different prices and features. While people are becoming more and more aware of its benefits, many don’t know what to look for when buying one. In this post, we share with you a few important tips to consider when buying one: 

  • Quality of water:

    Choosing the right water purifier for your home starts with knowing what type of purifier you actually need. For this, you must know the quality of water being supplied to your house. If the water supplied to your home is hard water, then it would have a high amount of TDS. Water is classified as soft or hard based on the TDS levels. TDS refers to the inorganic salts such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, bicarbonates, chlorides and sulphates. The higher the TDS levels, the more sophisticated the water purifier you need. 

  • Filtering technology:

    After understanding the type of water supplied to your house, it becomes easier for you to determine which type of water purifier suits your requirements. There are three types of water filters available in the market — RO, UV and UF. While RO removes the majority of contaminants from the water, UV and UF also help in removing all the harmful microorganisms present in the water. Water purifiers with alkaline cartridges boost the ph of RO water. They have colour cleansing properties and promote anti-oxidant rich water. They offer hydration, skin health and other detoxifying properties. 


Note: Many people are hesitant to buy a RO purifier because they think it would remove all the natural minerals from the water  that come with antioxidant technology purify the water without removing the essential minerals. Some of the best water purifiers in India are equipped with Pre – RO carbon that removes bad odour from the  and enhances its taste. 

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