Normal Water Purifier vs. Propello Splash Alkaline RO Water Purifier

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Drinking clean and purified water is highly essential for our health. It keeps us hydrated throughout the day and also prevents us from various harmful diseases. There are numerous water purifiers in the market. It is very important to be aware of the different models and purification technologies before you purchase any water purifier.  If you are planning for installing a RO Water Purifier, and wondering about the difference between normal water purifier and Propello Alkaline RO Water Purifier, then you are on the right page. Here you will find the answers to your questions and even will help you to determine which among the two water purifiers are best suitable for your consumption.

We at Propello provide you with the best water purifier entirely efficient to provide you with safe, pure drinking water at an affordable price laced with the latest technologies. Let us have a look at why Propello alkaline RO water purifiers stand ahead in the crowd in comparison to the normal water purifiers.

  • RO purification technology

Splash RO alkaline water purifier from Propello is laced with the RO (Reverse Osmosis) purification technology that removes contaminants from unfiltered water or tap water when pressure forces it through a semi-permeable membrane. This semi-permeable membrane has small pores that hold back or blocks contaminants but allows water molecules to flow through it. This RO purification technology is not present in normal or ordinary water purifiers.

  • Alkaline cartridge

Alkaline cartridge is that filtration cartridge present in the water purifier that removes chlorine and odour from the water. Moreover, it makes the purified water alkaline or enhances the pH level of your drinking water, which is very essential for our body. Splash RO water purifier from Propello contains this perfect add-on filter that compliments any existing or new RO water purifier.

  • Two pre filters

A pre-filter or a sediment filter is an essential component of a water purifier as it sieves large or suspended particles that can harm or shorten the life of filtration system. Moreover, the pre-filter water is free from dust, hair, insects, pollen, etc… That can make water cloudy and unfit for drinking. It may be that some water purifier contains a pre-filter but not two pre-filter. Splash RO alkaline water purifier contains two pre-filters installed for an efficient water purification process.

  • Tabletop and wall mounting options

It is found that most of the RO water purifiers are generally mounted on the wall. But this Propello product comes with dual facility of installation. You can either wall mount it or keep it on a table top. This characteristic makes this product unique from other water purifiers.

  • Appealing designs and cost-effective

Propello always keeps in mind to impress its customers with their unique sleek and attractive models of best water purifiers. Along with it, Propello believes in being a contributor for happiness in everyone’s home by providing the best quality products laced with latest technologies within an affordable range.

Therefore there is a lot of difference in the normal water purifier and the water purifiers from Propello. At Propello you will get the top water purifiers laced with all the latest purification technology, excellent designs, and at an affordable rate.

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