Is boiled water safe to drink?

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Corona virus and COVID-19 are one of the scariest diseases globally now. Therefore, taking precautions regarding everything is highly imperative. Hence, whatever you eat or drink has to be done with extreme caution. Drinking boiled water to get rid of contaminants is to be done. This is one of the safest precautions to take in your everyday life right now. But, boiling water every single day and pouring it in bottles turns out to be a tedious job. This is where the necessity of water purifiers comes in.

Why should I choose a water purifier over boiling water?

Boiling water, without a doubt, is one of the safest and best practices to take up. But imagine the situation where you need to purify water every single day in the morning before going to work. Pouring that same water in different bottles, and then boiling water again once that is used up. Sounds like an extremely tiring task, doesn’t it?

Water purifiers on the other hand, do the task of making water safe for you to drink. Therefore, you do not have to get into the task of singlehandedly purifying your drinking water every day.

What advantages will I get from a water purifier?

You might be wondering why you should spend money on a water purifier. Moreover, when boiling water and drinking it is a safer and affordable option then why is a water purifier needed. Our experts at Propello agree, but also can assure you that choosing a water purifier on our suggestion will only give you more advantages than you need. Being one of the best water purifier companies in Kolkata, at Propello, we only suggest the best brands of water purifiers for your use.

A water purifier comes designed in a covered manner itself, and hence, there is no way that a dirty environment can affect it in any way.

Giving you more energy

Purified water will not only help in giving you clean water to drink, but will also let you have more energy to survive throughout your work day.

Giving a glow to your skin

Amidst the never ending pollution and emergence of new diseases, purified water will help you retain the glow in your skin that boiled water cannot provide.

Removing harmful chemicals

Boiling water makes the water safe to drink, but is always not able to disinfect harmful chemicals that may be present. Chemicals like fluoride, arsenic and lead are just some of the few harmful chemicals that only water purifiers can detect and decontaminate.

At Propello, our experts will only suggest the best water purifiers for your optimum health.

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