Important Water Facts : Curated By A Water Purifier Manufacturer

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Access to safe drinking water is a true blessing. Safe water keeps water-borne diseases at bay and helps you stay hydrated.  Rightly called the elixir of life, water is the thriving force behind every living organism. And for pure water, switch to water purifiers from the best Water Purifier Manufacturer – Propello. 

As one of the leading manufacturers of the best water purifiers, we have curated some interesting facts about water:

  • Fact 1: Of all the water on Earth, just 3% is freshwater:

    Despite the world map showing the majority of earth’s total area covered with water, freshwater makes up for just 3% of all water on the planet.

  • Fact 2: Saltwater is denser than freshwater:

    Though salt water makes up about 97% of the water on Earth, it cannot be used. Saltwater is denser than freshwater as it contains sodium and chloride on large quantities. Since excess sodium can be toxic, saltwater cannot be for drinking, irrigation, or most other human uses of water.

  •  Fact 3: Most of the human body is water:

    Have you ever wondered how much of your body is water? Although the amount of water in the body changes with age, sex, and hydration levels, the average percentage of water in a person’s body is around 60%. The skin is 64% water while heart, lungs, and kidneys contain significant volumes of water, ranging from 64-83%.

  • Fact 4: A glass of water may prevent hangover:

    Do you know that a glass of water can help prevent hangover? Alcohol is a diuretic which means it leaves toy dehydrated. By having a glass of water between drinks and drinking at least a glass of water before going to the bed, you can save yourself from the hangover headache the next morning.

  • Fact 5: Most water requires some treatment:

    Water from all sources, be it from deep wells or springs require some treatment. And the extent of treatment depends on the source of the water and the level of contamination. But do you know there’s still a place where water need not be treated? Well, there are a few areas such as Christchurch, New Zealand that have access to sufficiently pure water. The water over there needs no treatment. Christchurch’s water supply is one of the best in the world – with untreated drinking water available straight from the tap.


Water has life-saving benefits but drinking contaminated water can cause serious health problems. To protect yourself and your family,  install a water purifier that purifies water based on the water type available in your area. Some of our water purifiers are available with Superior RO Technology, UF technology and Essential Minerals Technology. 

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