Importance of Water Purifiers during Covid-19 outburst explained.

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The importance of water purifiers needs to be topic of the hour as the country has the highest number of Covid-19 cases in Asia.

In these tough and testing times, humans need to build better immunity. This is why  it is important to take multivitamin supplements by eating nutritious diet and drinking nutrients induced liquid.


According to World Health Organization, 21% of communicable diseases are linked directly to unsafe water, including the ongoing Covid-19 disease. Studies have indicated that Covid-19 strains’ can survive in water and sewages. This is why it is important to have a water purifier installed to make the society, home, hospitals Covid-19 transmission free.

There is a popular saying that all things/beings have a purpose in life and so does a water purifier. Apart from being a hot/cold water dispensing machine. A water purifier’s main purpose is to protect the consumer by supplying the necessary nutrients and minerals to strengthen the immunity system.

Lets get into this aspect more deeply. Nutrients that are present in water is important for the immune system to strengthen itself to fight off the existing diseases including the Covid-19. This is the reason the health experts recommends us to have 8 glasses of high nutrition water.

Minerals like copper, zinc, iron are critical for your immune system to work properly and to ward off diseases. Nutritionists, diet consultants and even doctors advise to create a consistent intake of minerals by consuming foods and mineralized water. Water purifiers that use mineralizers ensures the presence of essential minerals that are usually lost during the  purification process.Apart from all these functions of a water purifiers, the basic thing but the most important function a water purifier does is to protect YOU from water borne diseases.  Purified drinking water helps prevent transmission of pathogenic microorganisms that causes serious ailments like jaundice, cholera, typhoid.

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