How To Choose The Perfect Water Purifier For Your Home

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It is a well-known fact that drinking pure and uncontaminated water is extremely vital for maintaining your health. For this reason, choosing the perfect water purifier for your home should be carefully done, keeping in mind, all the necessary factors and conditions. Buying a water purifier based on an impulsive decision can have adverse effects in the long run. Water purifiers have many other advantages, some of which are—protection against water-borne diseases, better taste of drinking water, and avoiding spotting and scaling on the surface of kitchen utensils.

The most important factor you must consider before investing in a water purifier is the quality of water you receive in your locality. Along with this, the other parameters which should be taken into consideration are the price of the water purifier, the type of purifying technology used in it (reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, ultra-violet radiation), maintenance cost, after-sales service, and finally the product and customer reviews.

However, before going into the details, let us take a quick glance at the different types of water contaminants usually present in unfiltered drinking water—undissolved solids (such as mud and sand), dissolved inorganic salts (such as potassium and sodium), dissolved inorganic compounds, organic compounds, decontaminants, and pathogenic bacteria and viruses. The nature of contaminants varies according to the source and distribution medium of water. Some of the most common sources of water in India are rivers, lakes, bore wells, municipal corporation supply, water tankers, and harvested rain water.

The factors you must consider before buying a water purifier for your home are discussed below:–


  • Water quality:

While selecting a water purifier, you have to know about the quality of water available in your area. In case of hard water, the percentage of total dissolved solids (TDS) is quite high which makes the water unfit for consumption. In that case, an RO water purifier will be the most effective because the selectively permeable membrane present in these water purifiers removes the dissolved impurities. On the other hand, soft water, which is less harmful than hard water, also needs purification before it can be deemed safe for drinking. Water purifiers with ultrafiltration technology can be used for soft water as these effectively remove particulates and other impurities. If the water in your locality is contaminated with disease-causing bacteria and viruses, then the best choice would be to go for an RO+UV+UF water purifier. The RO membrane removes the impurities and the UV chamber kills the harmful microbes thereby making the water safe for drinking.

Here is a ready reckoner for the type of water purifier to be used in case of different qualities of water—

Soft water with low TDS levels

UF water purifier

Soft water with high percentage of biological contamination

UV + UF water purifier / UV water purifier

Hard water with high TDS levels

RO water purifier

Soft water with high percentage of biological contamination

RO + UV + UF water purifier / RO + UV water purifier

  • Presence of essential filter components Perfect Water Purifier:

A good water purifier must have suitable filters installed in them. These filters namely, pre-sediment filter, pre-carbon filter, and post-carbon filter, play a pivotal role in removing foul smell, particulates, organic impurities, and also enhance the taste of the water.

  • Storage capacity:

In order to select the right capacity of water purifier, it is crucial to analyze the amount of water consumed by your family. Also in case of frequent power cuts or electricity fluctuations, higher water storage will be an apt choice.

No. of family members = 2-4

6-8 litres capacity

No. of family members = 4-6

8-10 litres capacity

No. of family members = more than 6

More than 10 litres capacity


  • Design and overall build-up of the water purifier:

Water purifiers should be sturdy and durable enough because nowadays most of them are mounted on walls. Also, the look of the water purifiers should be visually appealing. It must be ensured that the water purifiers are made of food-grade plastic so that there is no toxic contamination in the drinking water.

  • Maintenance:

Just like any other appliances, water purifiers also need maintenance at regular intervals. If not done, the quality of water may deteriorate appreciably. So, it is very important to get a clear idea about the maintenance cost required for the water purifier you choose.

  • After-sales service:

As already mentioned, water purifiers need maintenance and for that you need to buy your water purifier from such a company that provides good-quality after-sales service. Buying a water purifier without looking into the after-sales service of the company will create problems later.

  • Product and customer review (Perfect Water Purifier):

It is always advisable to do some background research before investing in any type of home appliance. So you must thoroughly read the product reviews given in various websites and also go through the customer reviews to gather a general perception regarding the appliance as well as the brand.

  • Price:

Lastly, you should have a fair idea regarding the affordability of your water purifier because everybody has some kind of budgetary constraints. It is up to you to decide that how much you can monetarily stretch in order to select the perfect water purifier for your home.

Thus, you must look into these above-mentioned factors before investing in a water purifier. Propello offers the best water purifiers such as Karvy, Life Plus, Splash Alkaline RO as they are affordable, require minimal maintenance, and come with superb features and modern water-purifying technologies. Also, Propello excels in providing round-the-clock customer support. So why wait? Grab the perfect water purifier for your home today and enjoy a hassle-free life!

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