How to choose home water purifier?

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The tap water that we get in our homes is usually and always filled with hazardous chemicals. These impurities invariably make the water unfit for drinking Water Purifier.

Filtering out these impurities is very important; otherwise, the risk of waterborne diseases is always on the loose. Contaminants and heavy metals always find their way into the tap water. These must be removed from drinking water. for it to be safe for consumption purposes. Apart from heavy metals and chemicals, impure water can also contain bacteria, pathogens and microbes. These contaminants cause serious illnesses like cholera, stomach infections, typhoid, dysentery and salmonella etc. These harmful microbes can seriously attack one’s immune system and weaken it completely.

Let us understand the concept of TDS to choose a proper water purifier. But, what is a TDS?

Contaminants which are usually larger than 2 microns are termed as total dissolved solids or TDS. For water to be safe for drinking, TDS should be less than 500 ppm. High TDS in water can also change the taste of water and can also cause many health hazards. The best way to reduce the TDS of water is to use any type of RO water purifier. The presence of toxic ions such as lead, nitrate, cadmium or arsenic can lead to serious health issues and can even be dangerous if it is consumed in excess quantities.

Choosing a water purifier – how to go about it?

You can choose a water purifier according to your needs and decide from the best list of purifiers enlisted by us.

If the TDS of the tap water is 3000 ppm, then a water purifier powered with RO+UV+UF+Mineral Fortification Technology will prove useful; this top rated purifier even features a touch sensitive smart consumer interface, and is best for your home.

If the TDS of the tap water in 2000 ppm, then you may choose from different kinds of RO water purifiers, which are the most common types and are the best suited models for most people’s requirement.

With a touch sensitive display, a 7 L tank & portable storage jug, RO water purifiers also have a tank full & process indicator. The overall aesthetic look and ease of operation add to the awesomeness of this water purifier.

At Propello, we sell and provide some of the best water purifiers as per the needs of your home. We also provide the best water purifier machine price in Kolkata as per the needs of your family and consumption of purified water.

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