Do’s and Don’ts of Drinking Water

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Getting your daily dose of water helps your body to function properly.  Water helps to carry nutrients and oxygen to your cells, lubricate joints and flush out waste products from the body. It is therefore important to drink an adequate amount of water daily. However it is also important to drink pure water and buying water purifier which provides 100% pure water.    

How much water should you drink? 

It is recommended that men should drink about 3.7 litres a day and women 2.7 litres. There are certain drinking practices that one needs to follow. Listed below are a few simple dos and don’ts of drinking water that you should follow: 

DOs and DON’Ts of drinking water: 


– Drink clean and safe water:  The easiest way to get access to clean drinking water is to buying water purifier for your home. A water purifier removes heavy metals and disease-causing microbiological contaminants, making the water fit for consumption. Drinking clean and safe water helps in keeping water-borne diseases such as diarrhoea and cholera at bay. 

Looking for the best water purifier?

At Propello, we offer RO water purifiers with RO, UV and UF, TDS controller,  Alkaline Enriching Technology and Essential Minerals Technology,  ensuring you get clean and purified water for consumption. To know more about the best water purifier with price, call us 1800121 0600. 


– Drink water slowly: Sip water slowly rather than gulping it down at once. Sipping water slowing allows better alkaline absorption. 



– Don’t substitute water with other drinks: Avoid substituting water with sugary beverages such as aerated drinks iced tea or artificially sweetened drinks. These drinks contain high amounts of sugar, that will leave you feeling more dehydrated.  in it. Always carry water bottles so that you can drink water whenever you want. 

– Don’t drink too much water in between meals or after your meals: Timing is an important factor when it comes to drinking water. Avoid drinking water in between meals or immediately after meals. Drink water 30 minutes to 1 hour before having your meal. This helps you build the appetite for the food you want to eat. 

Note: Start your day by drinking a glass of water. Always keep a water bottle with you and sip water frequently throughout the day. 

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