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Water purifiers are no longer a luxury or a meaningless indulgence. In fact, they are an absolute necessity. There is an ever growing concern regarding water pollution. So, you can never be quite sure about the quality of water that you and your loved ones are consuming on a regular basis. Mostly all water treatment plants follow a rigorous filtration process to ensure clean tap water. However, the truth is, due to poor infrastructure of such plants, tap water is no longer a reliable option. Moreover, it’s not always possible to boil water for drinking purpose. As we know humans are responsible for polluting the water bodies. Therefore, they should come up with innovative ways for water purification. At Propello, we believe that growing popularity of water purifiers indicates our heightened sense of awareness regarding our health and well-being.

Basics of Water Purifiers

An astounding variety of water filters are available in the market, all of which serve the basic purpose of removing contaminants such as bacteria, virus, particulate matter and chemicals from water. Inside a purifier, water undergoes two types of filtration – physical (removes large particles) and chemical (removes smaller impurities). The difference in filtration technique has lead to the emergence of a variety of purifiers.

How to make the right choice: Hardness and TDS Factor

With choices abound, it’s really difficult to zero in on one water purifier that would best suit our requirements. You must mind a few factors while making the decision:

TDS Factor:

TDS stands for Total Dissolved Solids. It represents the concentration of dissolved substances in water. Substances such as potassium, sodium, chloride and toxic ions increase TDS concentration. Water with TDS levels less than 500 mg is fit for consumption. If your tap water is hard (TDS level>600mg and hardness reading of 35ppm), opt for a purifier that employs RO+UV technology+TDS controller. However, if your tap water isn’t that hard, RO based water purifier would suffice. In any case, RO filtration reduces water hardness by 60%.

Propello manufactures of technologically advanced water purifiers. And experts at Propello suggest that you check the tap water quality to make the correct choice. Else, you can reach out to us to help you make an informed choice.

At Propello, we have grown to become a trusted name in the segment of water purifiers. We ensure that water is subjected to multi-step filtration process to remove harmful substances and provide sparkling clean, distilled water. RO and UV technology are combined together along with TDS controller to ensure the microscopic contaminants and bacteria are demolished with ease, while retaining those minerals which are beneficial to the body. As one of the leading water purifier companies in Kolkata, at Propello, we try our best to incorporate new technological advancements in our products.

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