Common Myths on Water Purifier for Home

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Did you know that 70 percent of the human body is water? The body needs clean water for many vital functions like keeping the body hydrated and flushing out the toxins. The best way to have access to clean water is to have a water purifier at home. Water purifiers remove harmful substances present in the water and further reduce the risk of life-threatening water-borne diseases. Although water purifiers are important, there are still many myths about them that people think are true Water Purifier . 


Here we debunk common myths on water purifier for home:


Myth 1: Boiled water is safe for drinking. There is no need for water purifiers

Many people wrongly think that boiling water makes it 100% safe for consumption. However, the truth is that boiling may purify it to a certain extent, it can’t remove all the other contaminants present in the water. The water sometimes carries heavy metals such as lead, mercury, chlorine, and arsenic. Therefore, we should use water purifiers to remove this impurities.  

Propello’s water purifiers use a combination of the latest technologies such as RO, UV, and UF to ensure that the water you drink is pure, sterilised, and free from harmful microorganisms. The UF filtration technique is used for eliminating all water-borne microorganisms from water, further keeping the water crystal clear.  

Myth 2: Water purifiers remove essential nutrients and minerals from water

This statement may not always be true. Reverse Osmosis does remove some minerals, however, Propello range of water purifiers for the home have the necessary mechanism to retain the essential minerals such as in the water. The Essential Minerals Technology of our water purifiers helps in the retention of essential minerals.

Myth 3: Water purifiers need a lot of maintenance

 Many people have the wrong notion that water purifiers are high on maintenance and need frequent cleaning. However, the truth is that they need maintenance every six to twelve months depending on the water quality . The maintenance of water purifiers largely depends on the quality of water they purify. 

We offer our customers an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) so that they do not have to worry about maintenance and repair. Our trained professionals  will visit your home at your convenience and check the condition of your water purifier. Our AMC will give you peace of mind and assurance of good service. 

Myth 4: Water purifiers are expensive

A lot of people think that water purifiers are costlier than buying bottled water. However, what people fail to realise is that a water purifier is a one-time investment. Whereas when you buy bottled water you have to also pay for packaging and transportation. Also, remember water purifiers are environment-friendly as they do not contribute plastic to the environment. 

Myth 5: Wall mounted purifiers are the only options. 

Many people, especially those who live on rent often hesitate to buy a water purifier, thinking that it needs to be permanently mounted on the wall. Our water purifiers can be wall-mounted as well as placed on the kitchen countertop. Check our water purifiers online. 

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