Best Water filter for home in Kolkata

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Here are the best features of our water filter for home in Kolkata only at Propello:

If you’re like most people in Kolkata, you probably don’t think about your water filter much until there’s a problem. Unlike many other appliances, they’re not that exciting to have around. But once you have a taste of what it can do for your drinking water, you’ll realize how useful and important it is. And once you know what to look for when choosing a water filter for home, the task of buying one will be less daunting and more enjoyable.

If you want to drink clean and healthy water, but also want to save money and reduce waste, then you need a water filter for home in Kolkata. There are many benefits of having one, and many companies that provide solutions. But our company is the best option for you because we have the best water filter for home in Kolkata with fantastic features that you can’t find anywhere else. We’ll go through them below:

Our water filter uses Cu++ copper filter technology, which is a very effective way of removing impurities from water. The filter is made of copper, which acts like a magnet and attracts the various impurities in the water. This includes lead and iron particulates, heavy metals and micro-organisms that may be harmful to health.

Pure water in glass and water filters on the blurred background. Household filtration system.

As well as this, the technology is versatile enough to be used for different types of water sources. It does not matter if your home gets its water supply from a lake or river; it is also suitable for use with groundwater. It helps to remove sediments such as sand and silt, as well as organisms such as algae and bacteria.

Installation is easy thanks to the variety of options available. The filter can be wall mounted if you do not have much space on your kitchen counter or table top mounted if you want it to sit next to your sink. You can choose from single or double filters depending on how much purified water you need each day.

The flow rate of this filter is 10 to 12 litres, so you will never run out of clean drinking water when using it at home in Kolkata only at Propello.

Propello innovation private limited water filters in Kolkata are the perfect solution to all your drinking water problems. These filters not only make you feel fresh and energetic, but they also help you to keep your family safe from harmful germs and bacteria.
There are several features of our water filter that make it stand out from the rest in Kolkata. It also has a 10-litre storage capacity, which makes your life easy for longer durations too. We also have a digital gauge that indicates the level of water still left in the tank, so you can estimate when you will need to refill it next. The product is compact and portable as well; you can carry it along with you wherever you go. And since we have a warranty on this product, you don’t have to worry about any of its parts malfunctioning anytime soon!

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