The quality of water at our home is very important. We use it every single day for cooking drinking and bathing. As individuals we need to ensure that the water we receive at our dwelling place is safe and pure. A question that arises is should we consider to have a water purifier at our house? Frankly speaking after the COVID-19 outbreak having a RO water purifier in Kolkata is essential not only at home but at work place is really very important.

We Still Need To Maintain Safety Precautions

Remember, the virus has not eradicated completely and we still need to comply with the safety precautions that are formulated by respective governments and WHO. Here in India we saw the numbers got increased in geometric proration. It is not yet completely over, but yes the numbers have shown the decreasing curve. Medical practitioners have always opined to take plenty of water as it is one of the key preventive measures to drive out this germ.

We all are ware that most of the tap waters across the city are not very safe to drink as it contains arsenic and might cause tumultuous hazards. Installing a water purifier is an ideal option and can work in a positive manner for you. Here in this particular article we will discuss in detail how the water purifier can bring ample advantage for you.

1. No Chances Of Getting Contaminated With Diseases

  • If one is aware of statistics and numbers they must know about 37 million individuals in India are affected by waterborne diseases every year.
  • Our country t loose around 1.5 million children due to cholera. It is very essential that we drink purified water.
  • During this tough time of COVID-19 it is essential that we intake pure and transparent drinking water.
  • It not only keeps out corona virus but it allows us to fight other diseases.
  • More importantly it is ideal to make us develop resistance.
  • This developed resistance will help us to fight diseases in the long run.

2. Keeping Children Safe-

Almost every single house does have a kid and it is very essential that we take complete care of them. We need to ensure that they are keeping the best of health. We are duty bound to offer them germ free and arsenic free water. Make sure that you install Top rated water purifiers very quickly and offer transparent and fresh water for your kids.

3. Water Purifier Ensures That You Will Not Have To Purchase Bottled Water

Many houses still prefer having sealed bottled water. These waters are costly but if you have a water purifier the water you pour will become purified and you will get the same taste as you get from bottled water. At the same time the water remains safe also.

Here in this article we have discussed three key areas that promote the installation of Top water purifiers. Get it done today and witness the difference.

Water is a fundamental human need and everyone on this planet deserves to get clean, safe water for drinking, cooking, and keeping themselves clean.

However, in many Indian cities, people still do not receive clean water for their daily purposes. The government must take a stand on this fact and upgrade it to a level where people are not secluded of their basic necessity.

But at this point, to ensure the health and safety of you and your family you must reconsider getting the Best Water Purifier at your home to get clean and purified water to drink.

Here are some of the reasons why clean drinking water is a necessity:

 1. Provides nourishment

Water is the best source of nutrition and health you can ever get. Humans need to be properly hydrated to keep their physiological systems functioning maintain organ health and allow the blood to keep the consistency it requires to flow freely and transport oxygen and nutrients to every cell of the body.

2. Preventing Diseases

Drinking water from polluted sources can lead to diseases such as typhoid, cholera, and hepatitis. Drinking clean water is essential not only to remain safe from diseases but also to maintain good health.

3. Removal of Toxins

Clean, fresh, and safe water also helps in getting the body rid of all kinds of toxins, whether they are formed due to bodily reactions, obtained from outside sources, or ones that occur because of the consumption of contaminated water.

Drinking the right amount of water every day is extremely essential as it helps our body thrive and keep illness at bay. An adequate intake of water daily ensures the proper functioning of all the physiological processes taking place in our body and thereby allows us to lead a normal healthy life. However, in case of drinking water, we all have our concerns as to which type of water is best suited for us. Is only purified water from water purifiers enough for us? Or do we need something extra in our water to keep ourselves more fit? The answer lies in the fact that nowadays, the best kind of water we could drink, to boost our overall well-being, is alkaline water.

Before going into the concept of alkaline water, the parameter we need to focus on is the pH of water. What is actually meant by pH? Basically, pH is a scale that is used to determine whether aqueous solutions (i.e., water-based solutions) are acidic, alkaline, or neutral. The pH scale has a range that extends from 0 to 14. If the pH of any solution is less than 7, then the solution is termed as an acidic solution; if the pH is more than 7, it is termed as alkaline or basic (for our convenience we will use the word ‘alkaline’ synonymously with ‘basic’) and if the pH of the solution is equal to 7, it means that the solution is neutral. A neutral solution is so-called because it is neither acidic nor basic. To understand this more clearly, we can cite a few examples—[i] Orange juice has a pH value of 3.3 whereas the pH value of green tea is 7.2. It means that orange juice is an acidic solution, and green tea is an alkaline one. [ii] In case of vinegar, the approximate pH value is 2.5 and that of coconut milk is 6.5. Both these solutions are acidic but looking at the values, it can be clearly stated that vinegar is more acidic than coconut milk.

Alkaline water is water that has a pH value more than 7. Generally, water is neutral in nature, i.e., it should have a pH value equal to 7. However, depending on the source, water becomes either slightly acidic or alkaline. In recent times, people are shifting towards consuming alkaline water because it neutralizes the excess acid in their body, which in turn, helps to prevent many ailments. The most common way to obtain alkaline water is to install a specialized RO water purifier catering to this requirement. Propello, one of the top rated water purifier brands in Kolkata, uses the Alkaline Rich Technology in their Splash Alkaline RO water purifier which maintains the pH value of drinking water at the desired level and thus, provides a proper supply of alkaline water.



  1. Alkaline water has better hydration capacity than normal water because the molecules of alkaline water are comparatively small and thus, get readily absorbed by the body.
  2. Alkaline water promotes detoxification because it flushes out toxins from our body caused by stress, anxiety, and improper diet plan.
  3. Calcium and magnesium present in alkaline water help in maintaining bone, and heart health.
  4. Antioxidants present in alkaline water delays the aging process by preventing the growth of free radicals which damage the body cells.
  5. Alkaline water improves the metabolism of our body because it has the capacity to neutralize the excess acid present in our stomach and gastrointestinal tract.
  6. Alkaline water also neutralizes the lactic acid produced in our bodies after extensive exercise and fitness training.

So alkaline water has certain properties which make it more effective than normal drinking water. It plays a key role in warding off many common diseases. Thus, we must include alkaline water in our daily diet as it helps us to be in good physical condition. Nowadays with this global pandemic raging on, people are trying anything and everything under the sun to keep themselves healthy and develop a strong immune system. And so alkaline water seems like an almost perfect solution for this as it has so many health benefits and can be aptly called the ‘magic water’. So get a specialized alkaline RO water purifier immediately and stop worrying about any health-related issues that may disrupt the normal pace of your life. Choosing such a water purifier is not a hassle at all as renowned companies such as Propello offers a wide array of the best RO water purifiers, out of which, the Splash Alkaline RO water purifier is specifically designed to provide alkaline water. The filtration mechanism involved in this type of water purifier is Reverse Osmosis (RO) with an Alkaline Cartridge which restores the pH balance of water. So sit back and relax as you get to see alkaline water do wonder for your body and help you lead a healthy life!

Water is the most basic fluid essential to human survival. As the well-known proverb states—‘Pure water is the world’s first and foremost medicine’—it can be said once in for all that, pure water is nothing less than medicine because consuming the requisite amount of water daily can help prevent many ailments and allow us to lead a healthy life. We do hear a lot that drinking water is extremely important for us, but do we know why it is so important to remain hydrated? For that, let us look into the health benefits of drinking water—

  • Helps the body to regulate its temperature.
  • Aids in digestion and in turn cleanses the body.
  • Helps in the circulation of blood oxygen.
  • Reduces skin problems.
  • Helps in the prevention of many diseases such as kidney stones, urinary tract infection, and constipation.


However, all these above-mentioned usefulness of water will be ineffective if we drink impure water from unhygienic sources. Impure water contains harmful microorganisms (like bacteria and viruses) and certain metal impurities (like arsenic, chlorine, lead, etc.) which are detrimental to our body’s health. Waterborne diseases such as diarrhoea, dysentery, typhoid, cholera, and polio are also caused by contaminated drinking water. So, we must be very cautious about the source of drinking water we are consuming because the quality, as well as the quantity of water that we intake, has a direct impact on our immune system. And the easiest way to ensure the purity of drinking water is to install proper water purifiers in our homes.

Renowned companies like Propello, one of the leading water purifier brands in Kolkata, have come up with some top-rated water purifiers. These water purifiers use various technologies such as Reverse Osmosis (RO), Ultrafiltration (UF), TDS Controller, and Essential Minerals Technology to purify water and retain the essential minerals. With people nowadays being very concerned about their health, the latest trend to have made its way into our lives is drinking alkaline water. It helps in detoxification, maintaining heart and bone health, proper hydration of the body, and many more. To cater to this requirement, Propello has a specifically designed water purifier— Splash Alkaline RO which actually restores the pH balance of water.


Benefits of using water purifiers

1. Availability of safe and pure drinking water:

Installing water purifiers in our homes will ensure safe and pure drinking water every time it is required, without any hindrance.

2. Elimination of different disease-causing microorganisms:

RO and UF technologies used in water purifiers facilitate the elimination of disease-causing microorganisms present in water. Propello has come up with RO water purifiers like Life Plus and Karvy which are equipped with these technologies.

3. Removal of dissolved solids:

Presence of dissolved solids in water makes it unfit for drinking. Water purifiers help in removing these particles, thereby making the water safe for consumption. Propello offers water purifiers like Life Plus which has a TDS Controller installed in it that helps in almost 90% removal of total dissolved solids.

4. Removal of toxic metal impurities:

Toxic metal impurities present in water are also effectively removed by water purifiers. RO water purifiers by Propello are some of the best water purifiers in this regard.

5. Retention of essential minerals:

Many might think that water purifiers, in the process of purifying water may also eliminate the essential minerals of water. But on the contrary, modern water purifiers have the necessary mechanism to retain the essential minerals in the water. This makes the purified water sweeter and better to taste. RO water purifiers by Propello have Essential Minerals Technology which helps in the retention of essential minerals.

6. Removal of iron from water:

Presence of iron in water leaves a bad metallic aftertaste. To tackle this problem, water purifiers have filters with iron removers which almost completely remove iron from the water.  Propello offers two pre-filters with iron removers along with all the models of their RO water purifiers.

7. Minimal maintenance:

Using water purifiers has become hassle-free as no laborious task is involved in maintaining them. RO water purifiers by Propello are a great choice in this regard as these require minimal maintenance.

8. High storage capacity:

Water purifiers have high storage capacity, which means that a substantial quantity of water remains stored in the purifier. This ensures that water is available whenever required. The storage capacity of RO water purifiers by Propello is almost 8-9 litres which guarantee sufficient water supply throughout the day.

9. High-speed filtration capacity:

Filtration capacity, i.e., the amount of water filtered in one hour is an important parameter of any water purifier because the higher the filtration capacity, the more will be the time saved. Life Plus, Karvy, Splash Alkaline RO—all the RO water purifiers by Propello have an effective filtration capacity of 8 litres per hour.

10. More cost-effective:

The most common question one has while buying a water purifier is that how much cost-effective the product will be. Many surveys have been conducted which show that buying a water purifier is actually more economical than buying bottled water. So, it is always a wise decision to go for a water purifier rather than buying bottled water because the latter is neither cost-effective nor environment-friendly as it generates huge plastic waste.

In this current scenario, water purifiers are not a luxury, but a necessity. Drinking pure water does great wonders to our health as we can easily avoid a number of diseases from encroaching our life. One should be very careful while choosing a water purifier because it will have a lasting effect on their health. In this regard, the best water purifier to trust is the RO water purifiers by Propello. These have a plethora of advantages that actually serve the purpose of installing a water purifier in our home. So immediately get a water purifier if you don’t have one and enjoy the benefits of drinking pure water.

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