For many it is still an unbelievable fact that we can personally control the quality of water that we drink. Yes!! We can control it and the overall procedure can be carried out by installing effective and robust home water purifier. Experts opine that with the rise of water borne diseases individuals need to take some precautionary measures. It is time that we think innovative and different by installing Alkaline RO water purifier.

Water Purifiers Were a Luxury in the Yester Years

In the yesteryears water purifiers were somewhat a luxury, but with change in time it has turned out to be a necessity. Water is probably the largest component in the body and it is almost around 75% to be accurate. It is quite essential to keep our body moving. But are you aware that the water that we intake are not always pure and it remains contaminated.

Read it on & learn more & get a detail analysis.

1. Water Purifier Is More Safe Than That Of Boiled Water-

  • Boiled water bottles contain chemicals phthalates and these are known to affect the testosterone & hormones.
  • Very recent studies on boiled water show that the plastic ends up in the dumping ground or in landfills.
  • It can indeed leach the detrimental phthalates right in the soil.
  • All of it can finally bleed into the water supplies.
  • All the detrimental hazards can be eradicated if you can go ahead and install the best water purifier in your home.

2. Water Purifier Eradicates The Dangerous Chlorine Residue-

The chlorine that is applied to disinfect the water leaves a residue. That is the reason that often makes you smell the odour of bleach. The running water from the tap often has a smell of bleaching. The purifier will run in tandem in order to eradicate the smells.

3. You Can Save On Cash

If you are in preference with boiled water over normal water, than you are surely spending more gallon than that of gasoline. It is quite expensive. Isn’t it? In order to curb the cost down, it is being advised to get a water purifier and get the job done. You are making a one time investment and you won’t have to pay any extra charges for future.

4. Children At Your Home Will Remain Safe

The children at your home will remain safe if they drink pure alkaline water. It is our duty to keep our children safe and away from germs. They will develop better immune system and better anti body after consuming water from water purifiers in west Bengal Kolkata

In order to remain safe and secured all you can do is install a water purifier. In this particular article we have discuss in detail why water purifier is highly recommended by experts.

The quality of water at our home is very important. We use it every single day for cooking drinking and bathing. As individuals we need to ensure that the water we receive at our dwelling place is safe and pure. A question that arises is should we consider to have a water purifier at our house? Frankly speaking after the COVID-19 outbreak having a RO water purifier in Kolkata is essential not only at home but at work place is really very important.

We Still Need To Maintain Safety Precautions

Remember, the virus has not eradicated completely and we still need to comply with the safety precautions that are formulated by respective governments and WHO. Here in India we saw the numbers got increased in geometric proration. It is not yet completely over, but yes the numbers have shown the decreasing curve. Medical practitioners have always opined to take plenty of water as it is one of the key preventive measures to drive out this germ.

We all are ware that most of the tap waters across the city are not very safe to drink as it contains arsenic and might cause tumultuous hazards. Installing a water purifier is an ideal option and can work in a positive manner for you. Here in this particular article we will discuss in detail how the water purifier can bring ample advantage for you.

1. No Chances Of Getting Contaminated With Diseases

  • If one is aware of statistics and numbers they must know about 37 million individuals in India are affected by waterborne diseases every year.
  • Our country t loose around 1.5 million children due to cholera. It is very essential that we drink purified water.
  • During this tough time of COVID-19 it is essential that we intake pure and transparent drinking water.
  • It not only keeps out corona virus but it allows us to fight other diseases.
  • More importantly it is ideal to make us develop resistance.
  • This developed resistance will help us to fight diseases in the long run.

2. Keeping Children Safe-

Almost every single house does have a kid and it is very essential that we take complete care of them. We need to ensure that they are keeping the best of health. We are duty bound to offer them germ free and arsenic free water. Make sure that you install Top rated water purifiers very quickly and offer transparent and fresh water for your kids.

3. Water Purifier Ensures That You Will Not Have To Purchase Bottled Water

Many houses still prefer having sealed bottled water. These waters are costly but if you have a water purifier the water you pour will become purified and you will get the same taste as you get from bottled water. At the same time the water remains safe also.

Here in this article we have discussed three key areas that promote the installation of Top water purifiers. Get it done today and witness the difference.

There are lots that we here about alkaline water, but we remain confused weather to drink it or not. To be honest alkaline water are quite safe and even the doctors prescribe to drink it. Some individuals are of the belief that alkaline water eradicates diseases around us and it is true to some extent. It can prevent certain illness and one can lead a serene life devoid of health issues.

In order to avail alkaline water devoid of arsenic all you need to do is install a water purifier. The best water purifier in West Bengal will ensure that you receive crystalline water. A question that arises is these purifiers safe? Health experts opine these purifiers are completely safe, but it needs regular inspection.

A regular inspection not only allows the body to remain durable, but you can enjoy pure water for a long time. Here in this article we would discuss some key advantages that will let you know why water purifiers need proper maintenance. Read it on & learn more.

1. Proper Repairing & Maintenance Is Essential for proper functioning

To avail pure alkaline water, the system needs to function in a proper manner. If an RO water purifier shows up signs of malfunctioning, then it needs to address with immediate effect. Top rated water purifiers need frequent repair in areas where water remains contaminated with impurities & dirt. In general the dirt often tends to form a layer right at the membrane of the filters. If proper cleaning is not done at regular intervals the efficiency of RO water purifiers keep on decreasing.

2. Repairing Increases the Longevity of the Purifier

If one is availing repairing service at regular interval, there are chances that electricity bills will get reduced. There are high chances that the water purifier will work more efficiently. More importantly the lifespan of the respective water purifier will increase and chances of getting prone to damage will decrease.

3. The Look & Feel Remains Fresh

The overall look of the purifier remains in ideal shape. In the long run if proper maintenance is done it will become the cynosure of all eyes. An old model is always better than purchasing a new one. Experts opine to repair the former model if you can and keep it going as long as you can.

In this particular article we have discussed some key pointers about water purifiers in West Bengal and hopefully this will help you a lot in the long run.

The year 2020 has been erratic for mankind both physically and financially. It cannot be denied that we the humans were unable to combat with the minuscule coronavirus. It has brandished its tendrils in the cruellest fashion. Despite initiatives and protection measures adopted by WHO, government regulatory bodies the number reached the peak.

In these tough times, it is important to keep ourselves fit & healthy. Installation of RO water purifiers is very crucial as medical practitioners have opined drinking pure & safe water is essential. It not only boosts up immunity but allows one to get transparent arsenic-free alkaline water. Now a question that might throng the mind of all is how safe water can prevent the virus from entering one’s body?

To answer all your queries you need to keep reading this blog. You will get a better understanding of how water can bring umpteen benefits for you. Read it on & learn more.

1. Keeps You Completely Hydrated

A human body’s immune system is totally dependent on the nutrient present in your blood and this generally constitutes water. If you are not consuming enough water proper transport of basic nutrients to the organ will not happen in a proper manner.

Remaining hydrated is one of the keys to detoxification pathways and eradicating foreign invaders like the ranks of pathogens and toxins. Remember, dehydration can often lead to severe ailments like headaches, muscle tension. To be honest drinking at least eight glasses of water is highly recommended by doctors.

2. Preventing Waterborne Diseases

Near about 37 million individuals in India are affected by waterborne diseases every solitary year. The nation almost looses around 1.5 million children due to diarrhoea. It is very essential that we drink purified water. During this tumultuous time of COVID-19, it is essential that we intake pure and transparent drinking water. To prevent waterborne diseases and staying away from hotbeds of the novel coronavirus RO + UV best water purifiers are ideal for eradicating tiny 0.001 micrometres in size.

3. Immunity boosting minerals-

Quite a few minerals like zinc, copper, iron are quite critical for optimization of your immune system. It is being advised by a medical practitioner that you need to rely heavily on mineral water & food than that of the supplement. The mineralized water not only allows you the taste & aroma but ensures that you are consuming minerals during RO purification process.

During this, though times of COVID-19 ensure that your Alkaline RO water purifier is up & running. It is important that you remain safe and far away from the novel virus. We are sure that these patchy times are going to get over, but before that, we need to take up precautionary measures so that we can fight strongly.

Water is one of the most essential things which a person needs. Water is used for several purposes in our daily lives. It is probably one thing which no one can possibly live without. When it comes to ensuring the purity of the water, no one wants to compromise on it, at least not with the water which they consume. This is one of the major reasons why you will come across some Top rated water purifiers in the market now.

When it comes to choosing a perfect water purifier, you must first think about the quality of water in your area. After this, you must look around for the technologies which are available, their cost, their limitations, reviews from the people who have purchased them, and upon judging all these factors you must take your final call.

1. Check the source and quality of water

Firstly, you need to find out the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in the water which you consume at your home. It helps to under the amount of inorganic salts and organic matter present in the water. You can get the water tested at a lab or just look around for a TDS testing kit. TDS is generally calculated in mg/Liter or ppm (parts per million).

2. Based on TDS, pick the type of water purifier

If the TDS is anything less than 200 ppm, you can choose a UF (Ultrafiltration) or UV (Ultraviolet) water purifier. If the TDS exceeds 200 ppm, RO water purifiers would be an ideal pick for you. RO stands for Reverse osmosis. Some water purifiers have both RO and UV technology as well.

3. Understand capacity requirements

A water purifier’s greatest advantage is that it also allows you to store and preserve filtered and purified water. Just one press of the tap and you have fresh water ready. However, it is important for you to understand the capacity which will be fit for your family. A capacity of 8 or 10 liters is ideal for a family with 3 or 4 members.

4. Extra features which you might need

While moving around the catalogs of the Top water purifiers, make sure you check for added features. Some purifiers have facilities which will provide you with chilled and warm water on demand. Sometimes, it is important to read through the features of a product just to understand the exact thing which will match all your needs.

5. Check for warranty and maintenance cost

Make sure you read through the warranty and maintenance cost of cleaning the filters of the purifier. An ideal purifier will give you a warranty of at least one year and also provide guidelines for cleaning the filters.

6. Check the size properly

Once you have narrowed down the number of purifiers, make sure you check the dimensions of the water purifier along and compare it with the space in your house.

Moving in 2021, as the world is in the middle of a pandemic, it is more than necessary for you and your family to only consuming water from the Best Water Purifiers which are available. As this decision of getting a water purifier can be tricky, so follow the steps above and then dive into investing in a water purifier.

The year 2020 has not been very conditional, as it unleashed the “unkindest cut of all”. The entire oblate spheroid was caught in the nexus of the deadly Corona Virus which left its impact both on human lives and on economic affairs. Social distancing has become the need of the hour as it is the only embalming solution that can successfully eradicate this lethal virus. RO water purifiers in Kolkata needs to be installed for having fresh, germ-free water.

  • At the same time, individuals are becoming more conscious and taking precautionary measures of maintaining hygiene & sanitation.
  • The parameters and protocols set-forth by WHO is to be maintained at every solitary step we adopt.
  • Make sure you are keeping cleansing your washrooms, washbasins, and rooms. Make it a habit of installing an Alkaline RO water purifier for pure and arsenic-free water.
  • Remember, medical practitioners have expressed drinking more water can help a person to develop immunity in these tumultuous hours.

Here in this particular article, we would discuss some key tips that can help you to maintain a serene and healthy life in 2021.

1. Installing Kitchen Chimneys As It Keeps The Ambience Free From Smoke-

With advancements in kitchen decoration, chimneys have been an integral mechanism in contemporary kitchen. It not only adds a chic and unique appeal to the modernity, but it is safe and good for health. As responsible citizens we need to take up the onus of making our surroundings free from smoke and allergens.

2. Safe Kitchen Are a Key For Maintaining Healthy Household

Not only our family members but individuals staying in & around us can remain safe. In the yesteryears, exhaust fans were used in traditional kitchens, which prevented smokes flagging of to nook and cranny of the house. With modern kitchen exhaust, fans will not match with the decor. Even doctors all around the world have expressed a smoke-free house is essential that keeps out germs.

3. Try and Install the Best Water Purifiers In Your House

We have already mentioned in our aforementioned discussion, drinking pure and alkaline water is a necessity. Make sure that the water you are drinking is purified and devoid of germs and arsenic. A glass of clean and transparent water not only keeps you and your family healthy but allows you to go the extra mile to fight germs and noxious diseases. Experts opine to do a self-research on brands relating to water purifiers in Kolkata and own up the decision of purchasing the best in town.

4. Sanitize Your Kitchens Before You Cook

Before you commence to cook, make sure you sanitize the kitchen. Since the culinary would be prepared for the entire family, it is the responsibility of the person in charge of cooking to adopt safety precautions. Cleaning the gas ovens and the shelves are a must. Try and clean the chimneys whenever possible.

5. Ensure water purifiers are cleaned

Before pouring water ensure that water purifiers are cleaned. If possible, try and purchase from a better brand as these top water purifiers always have an after-sales service. You can call them up and get the cleaning done.

Here we have estimated three key tips that you can follow to enjoy a healthy and safe 2021. We wish you a safe New Year and keep hope that the world will again be a safe place to live in.

In 2020, the world experienced a major pandemic which shook us to the core. The coronavirus pandemic has taught us how taking care of your health is a must. It has been a time when people have started to feel the need to ensure they have a strong immunity. As we head into 2021, it is essential for all of us to take measures which can help us develop a better immunity in order to be prepared to fight the disease, if and when it comes. There are some easy lifestyle changes such as switching to Alkaline RO water purifier, which can help you gain a better immunity. Here are some more tips:

1. Getting proper sleep

It is no secret that an adult human body needs close to seven or seven and half hours of sleep to function properly. Yet, one of the major issues which millennials and adults face is health issues caused due to persistent lack of sleep. Studies have shown that adults who get less than six hours of sleep are more likely to be prone to diseases. Several aspects of a human are dependent on the sleep cycle and if someone aspires to improve their immunity, the first thing they need to do is sleep proper hours.

2. Keep yourself hydrated with quality water

Yes, maybe this isn’t something which you don’t know. Going into 2021, with the pandemic still going on, it is important for you to maintain your immunity. The easiest way to do that is by keeping yourself hydrated. Studies have shown that a human body needs four or six litres of water daily. In these difficult times, people have started valuing purity of the water more than ever. Maybe, this could be a perfect time for you to look for one of the top water purifiers for your family.

3. Regular exercise session

Regular exercise or flexing of muscles can help your body to develop a much better immunity. It has been advised by many medical professionals that we must take out 20 mins from our daily schedule and devote it to exercise. This improves the blood circulation in the body, which further enhances your immunity. If you are not in a mood to do high intensity exercises, you can still stick to many regular activities such as running, walking or going on a run on your cycle.

4. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables

We are all aware of the fact that our health depends a lot on what kind of a diet we carry. In today’s day and age, there are just too many options of junk, unhealthy food which are often so convenient that we automatically get attracted to them. It is essential for us to include fresh fruits and vegetables in our diets. Another thing which you must make sure is that cleaning of all fruits and vegetables is crucial. You should always clean them with fresh and purified water. Getting your hands on one of the latest RO water purifiers would be a great investment this year.

5. Reduce your sugar intake

Sugar is one of the most essential items for our diets, but an excess amount of it can have long lasting effects on your health and immunity. If you sit back and look at your diet, you would realize that there are several food items in which sugar is used. There have been several studies and researches showing damning evidence of how sugar intake can cause health issues.

The world has been at a crisis for the nine months and with the vaccine not yet being in circulation, there have been regular attempts by people to create cleaner and healthier environmental conditions. Starting to drink safe and purified water is one of the easiest ways in which you can achieve that. This is exactly why top water purifiers are getting better and cheaper everyday. Choose a healthy lifestyle for yourself and your family, so that when things get better, we all can look back on the difficult times and share a smile.

Are you planning to revamp your kitchen? Or are you bored of your old fashioned kitchen fittings and interiors? Do you want to modify and upgrade your kitchen according to the modern and stylish designs? If yes! Then you are on the right page. But now a question comes that which brand to select for the modern appliances of your modern kitchen. Your answer to this question is Propello. Yes! A modern kitchen is incomplete without the installation of electric kitchen chimneys and RO water purifiers.


Upgrade your kitchen with Propello water purifiers

The most important aspect that every healthy kitchen covers up is the presence of water purifiers. Drinking purified water is very much essential for maintaining a healthy body and strong immunity especially in the tough times of COVID 19. Propello deals in providing you with the top rated water purifier models. It is impossible to get pure and purified water from the normal tap water or the water you get from the municipal taps. This water contains in them many dissolved salts and harmful contaminants in it which are responsible for many diseases and infections. People believe in the notion of drinking water, but they do not focus on drinking pure and purified water. And healthy and purified water can be obtained with at most surety with Propello Splash Alkaline water purifier. This water purifier is laced with the RO purification technique that filters water with precision. RO purification technique is one of the latest filtration and widely used purification techniques. This water purifier also comes with an alkaline filter that makes the water alkaline and fit for consumption. Drinking purified water should be the top priority of every family, so best water purifiers are a must for every kitchen irrespective of the modernity.


Revamp your old kitchen with the modern electric kitchen chimneys from Propello

Have you ever imagined that if you replace your kitchen interiors with the latest and costly ones but unable to maintain those costly interiors for long, then all your costly one-time investments can go in vain? Since the specialty of the Indian kitchen is all about spices and oily stuffs. Nothing can stop them from emitting greasy fumes that can get stuck up on your costly kitchen interiors. So in order to preserve them from the very beginning opt for the Propello Sleek kitchen chimneys that will help you solve all your worries and problems. The powerful suction filters helps in absorbing the fumes and suck the oil fumes thereby helping you preserve your costly kitchen interiors. Not only that, if you install the best kitchen chimney models of from Propello, they will also help in keeping the air of the house and kitchen clean, by preventing unnecessary sneezing and coughing. So if you are ready to invest a good amount for remodeling your kitchen, then you must have the backup of maintaining and preserving that brand new fittings. Propello offers you the best brand in kitchen chimneys and also helps you in modernising your kitchen.

So look out for Propello modern-day kitchen appliances which you must have in this century. Propello offers products that are designed for human convenience, affordability, and health. The above two examples is a solid example for this. So give your kitchen a modern touch by remodelling it with Propello smart kitchen appliances.

What is alkaline water?

The word “alkaline “in alkaline water refers to the pH level of the water. The pH level is a range of numbers that measures how acidic or alkaline a particular substance is on the pH scale that ranges from 0 to 14. If we take an example, like if something ranges 1 on a pH scale then it is considered to be very acidic. And something ranging 13 on a pH scale is considered to be alkaline.

Alkaline water has a higher level of pH level than regular drinking water and this alkaline water is known to neutralize the acidic presence in our stomach. Some research has stated that drinking alkaline water carries with itself many benefits that help people with high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol. During this COVID 19 pandemic, we have been very keen about researching a lot about how to maintain our immunity, but have missed out on the very crucial and necessary research on water, especially alkaline water, and how it helps us to develop and boost our immunity.

Alkaline water – The immunity booster

  • Alkaline water gets easily absorbed by our body as it helps in neutralizing the acidic toxins present in our body. It accelerates and improves the circulatory system by providing an ample amount of blood and oxygen to our body.
  • Alkaline water immunes our body by providing the essential minerals present in it. That is the reason that today’s top water purifiers have come up with the special alkaline RO water purifiers. Alkaline water contains a high amount of calcium, potassium, magnesium with traces of copper and zinc that are very much essential for boosting up of our immune system especially during the times of COVID 19.
  • Alkaline water strengthens our immune system by fighting with the pathogens responsible for diseases and infections in our system. Researches have stated that right quality of alkaline water helps in preventing us from osteoporosis.
  • If you are planning to install an RO water purifier reach out for the Splash alkaline RO water purifier of which is the best water purifier of Propello that provides you a purified water and above all with alkaline properties in it.
  • Alkaline water maintains the pH level and prevents us from aliments like acid reflux that causes chest burns and constipation. If the amount of acid increases in our body then that becomes very harmful for all the organs, so for that alkaline water offers to be a great help. Ideally, a human body requires the presence of both acids and alkalis, but when the acidic amount overpowers the alkalinity then, consumption of alkaline water is very helpful.
  • Alkaline water is known as a “detoxifier” for our body. Alkaline water flushes out the toxins from the body that leads to a number of health problems. Alkaline water raises the pH level of your urine and helps the kidney function more efficiently thereby making it fir for the longer run.

The world is struck down by the health crisis and in order to fight this pandemic, you need to prepare your body for better immunity. Drinking purified alkaline water is one of the easiest ways to start with. Top rated water purifier brands now suggest a water purifier with the unique feature of providing alkaline water. Because drinking alkaline water is very essential for a healthy body and stronger immunity.

What else can be a better beginning of the New Year than getting blessed with good health? Definitely nothing! After the outbreak of this pandemic of COVID-19 people are taking care and getting more conscious about their health. They are trying multiple ways to keep themselves fit in terms of their immunity. So this New Year why not invest in the most simple and most inevitable need – Water. Drinking pure water is very much essential for a healthy body. So this New Year bring home the top rated water purifiers from Propello.

Why choose Propello?

If you are living in a metropolitan city especially Kolkata then you can blindly opt for Propello that offers you the best water purifiers in Kolkata. Propello offers you high-quality water purifiers that provides you with clean and purified water. Our brand offers you with innovative designs, advanced technology, and at an affordable price.

Splash Alkaline RO water purifier:

Propello water purifiers are one of the best water purifiers as they follow the multi-step water purifying process as per the latest technological trends. Splash Alkaline RO water purifier follows the Reverse Osmosis (RO) process that moves water molecules through a semi-permeable membrane. As a result only water molecules can move to the other side of the membrane, leaving behind the dissolved salts and other impurities. This water purifier is fitted with alkaline cartridge. This cartridge acts as a dual benefit in the whole filtration process. The RO purifying process only filters the impurities but does not neutralize the acidic effect of the water. But the alkaline filter present in Splash Alkaline Water purifier enhances the pH level of the drinking water thereby making the water more suitable and healthy for consumption.

In addition to this, it contains two pre-filters which make the water purifier more suitable for drinking. Pre-filter is basically used to separate the bigger sand and sediment filters before a RO system. Since there are two pre-filters used in this water purifier therefore this makes this water purifier to function efficiently.

The best part of this water purifier is that it is very adaptable as it can be used as per your space and convenience. It can be mounted on a tabletop as well as on a wall. Moreover, the tank capacity of this water purifier is 8 litres with filtration capacity. This water purifier has a very good and sleek design that embraces your kitchen and gives it a modern touch. Last but not the least Splash Alkaline RO water purifiers are available at affordable rates and Propello is one the best water purifier bands in Kolkata.

We in general sense often ignore the importance of drinking pure and purified water. The tap water or the municipal water which you receive in your home is not at all free from impurities; rather it contains a lot of dissolved and harmful contaminants. So never ignore this very important aspect of maintaining a healthy life and body. Water is a very essential component of our body and then it becomes very necessary to drink pure water. So install Splash Alkaline RO water purifier from Propello as they are one of the top rated water purifiers.

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