Water is one of the most essential things which a person needs. Water is used for several purposes in our daily lives. It is probably one thing which no one can possibly live without. When it comes to ensuring the purity of the water, no one wants to compromise on it, at least not with the water which they consume. This is one of the major reasons why you will come across some Top rated water purifiers in the market now.

When it comes to choosing a perfect water purifier, you must first think about the quality of water in your area. After this, you must look around for the technologies which are available, their cost, their limitations, reviews from the people who have purchased them, and upon judging all these factors you must take your final call.

1. Check the source and quality of water

Firstly, you need to find out the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in the water which you consume at your home. It helps to under the amount of inorganic salts and organic matter present in the water. You can get the water tested at a lab or just look around for a TDS testing kit. TDS is generally calculated in mg/Liter or ppm (parts per million).

2. Based on TDS, pick the type of water purifier

If the TDS is anything less than 200 ppm, you can choose a UF (Ultrafiltration) or UV (Ultraviolet) water purifier. If the TDS exceeds 200 ppm, RO water purifiers would be an ideal pick for you. RO stands for Reverse osmosis. Some water purifiers have both RO and UV technology as well.

3. Understand capacity requirements

A water purifier’s greatest advantage is that it also allows you to store and preserve filtered and purified water. Just one press of the tap and you have fresh water ready. However, it is important for you to understand the capacity which will be fit for your family. A capacity of 8 or 10 liters is ideal for a family with 3 or 4 members.

4. Extra features which you might need

While moving around the catalogs of the Top water purifiers, make sure you check for added features. Some purifiers have facilities which will provide you with chilled and warm water on demand. Sometimes, it is important to read through the features of a product just to understand the exact thing which will match all your needs.

5. Check for warranty and maintenance cost

Make sure you read through the warranty and maintenance cost of cleaning the filters of the purifier. An ideal purifier will give you a warranty of at least one year and also provide guidelines for cleaning the filters.

6. Check the size properly

Once you have narrowed down the number of purifiers, make sure you check the dimensions of the water purifier along and compare it with the space in your house.

Moving in 2021, as the world is in the middle of a pandemic, it is more than necessary for you and your family to only consuming water from the Best Water Purifiers which are available. As this decision of getting a water purifier can be tricky, so follow the steps above and then dive into investing in a water purifier.

Everyone wants their loved ones to be healthy and for that, they take care of many aspects related to the daily routine, eating, and sleeping habits. In the current age when food is getting adulterated and water is getting contaminated, we need to be more conscious of our family’s health. “Healthy Body is key to Healthy Life” is a well-known quote that stands one hundred percent true at all times. Whatever you eat or drink will directly impact your body. Whether it is a sunny afternoon, any relaxing evening, or in the middle of the night, we all have experienced the feeling of being thirsty. Drinking clean and safe water can safeguard your family’s health.

Benefits from water are:

  1. Our body consists of approx. 70% of water but even a drop of 2% of water level from the body can lead to short-term memory loss and adversely affect your health.
  2. The most important function of water is that it helps in the digestion of food. If you are taking healthy food but that is not getting digested properly then the nutrients and minerals available in that food will not be accessed properly by the body.
  3. Water helps in eliminating waste through the kidney, liver, and intestines.
  4. Water helps in regulating the body temperature.
  5. Water helps in protecting tissues, the spinal cord, and joints. It helps in maintaining appropriate moisture levels for tissues and protects them.
  6. Blood carries oxygen to various parts of the body and 90% of blood is water so it also helps in the circulation of oxygen to different parts of the body.
  7. Drinking a sufficient amount of water can help in weight loss. You can reduce hunger by drinking water before meals. Studies also suggest that consumption of a lot of water can help in burning calories and eventually support the body in weight loss.

Water is a key element of life. For getting clean and safe water it is very important to select the best water purifier for your home. In the market many types of water purifier are available depending on the methods of water purification:

  1. Reverse Osmosis
  2. Ultraviolet
  3. Ultra Filtration
  4. Activated Carbon
  5. Sediment Filter

All types of water purifiers have their advantages and disadvantages so people should select the best water purifier for their family depending on their need and budget.

Selection of a good quality water purifier is very important as in our family we have people of all age groups from toddler to aged people and one has to consider everyone’s health while selecting the right water purifier. As per many studies, people recommend alkaline water due to its various health benefits. For more details, you can also refer to Alkaline RO Water – Immunity Booster, Alkaline water, and its health benefits articles in our blog. These articles will help you in understanding the benefits of alkaline RO water over normal RO water and how it impacts our health.

To get alkaline water at home, you can install Propello’s Splash Alkaline RO water purifier which is the top water purifier. Propello is top rated Water Purifier Company which uses Alkaline RO Technology in their purifiers.

Water forms the most inevitable component of the human body. Almost 70% of the human body is made up of water. Being aware of this fact water being the most necessary component of our body, we must prioritize to drink safe, healthy, and purified water. Nowadays expecting safe drinking water from the municipal taps is worthless as howsoever purified the municipal water is they still contain many dissolved impurities which can be filtered by only the RO Water purifier. So acquaint yourself through a guide of the important things to keep in your mind while buying the Top Rated Water Purifier.

  • Water quality

    This is one of the most important aspects you must consider while buying a water purifier.  The normal tap water in your house contains many dissolved salts like calcium, magnesium, lead, and even many other invisible bacteria. This is directly affecting your health and become a reason for various diseases. For such cases, RO Water purifiers are the best choice. According to WHO, the permissible limit of TDS in portable water must be between 50-120 PPM.  So, before installing ask the provider to visit your house and check the water quality of your tap and then accordingly decide which water purifier would be best suitable for your home.

  • Daily usage–

    Before buying a water purifier always look out for your family’s consumption capacity. There is numerous water purifier that has different filtering tank capacity. So bigger your family larger should be the purifier’s storage tank. If you have a large joint family, then definitely you would require a water purifier with a higher output so that it could work efficiently in filtering a large quantity of water.

  • Purification process and technology

    You must consider the technology and filtration process while buying a water purifier. Today in the market the Top Rated Water Purifier comes with three main purification technology.

  1. RO-

    RO stands for Reverse Osmosis filtration technique that uses a semi-permeable membrane to remove metals, iron, and hardness of the water and removes the dissolved salts in water, and improves the taste of the water. However tasteless water is an important sign of purified water. This is controlled by the TDS technique

  2. UV–

    UV stands for Ultraviolet filtration process. This process ensures the killings of germs through Ultraviolet rays present in the water.

  3. Balance–

    This technique balances the Ph level in the water by making it alkaline and thus conducive for consumption.

  4. TDS Filtration process –

    TDS stands for Total Dissolved Salts. This process involves the removal of dissolved salts thereby improving the taste of water. Always remember pure water is always tasteless.

  5. UF filtration process –

    UF stands for Ultra Filtration. In this process, UF uses hydrostatic pressure against a semipermeable membrane to filter out bacteria and viruses.

  • Maintenance cost

    Every water purifier needs a yearly or quarterly maintenance service depending upon your consumption. It is very important that before buying a Water purifier always look out for the maintenance cost and then proceed ahead to buy it.

Opting for the Top Rated Water Purifier must be a top priority of every family.  Because a good water purifier will always ensure and protect you and your family from germs and harmful chemicals.  Therefore, plan out your need, your budget as per the above factors and make a one-time good investment in a purification system, because this will keep you and your family healthy and protected from various diseases.

Water is a fundamental human need and everyone on this planet deserves to get clean, safe water for drinking, cooking, and keeping themselves clean.

However, in many Indian cities, people still do not receive clean water for their daily purposes. The government must take a stand on this fact and upgrade it to a level where people are not secluded of their basic necessity.

But at this point, to ensure the health and safety of you and your family you must reconsider getting the Best Water Purifier at your home to get clean and purified water to drink.

Here are some of the reasons why clean drinking water is a necessity:

 1. Provides nourishment

Water is the best source of nutrition and health you can ever get. Humans need to be properly hydrated to keep their physiological systems functioning maintain organ health and allow the blood to keep the consistency it requires to flow freely and transport oxygen and nutrients to every cell of the body.

2. Preventing Diseases

Drinking water from polluted sources can lead to diseases such as typhoid, cholera, and hepatitis. Drinking clean water is essential not only to remain safe from diseases but also to maintain good health.

3. Removal of Toxins

Clean, fresh, and safe water also helps in getting the body rid of all kinds of toxins, whether they are formed due to bodily reactions, obtained from outside sources, or ones that occur because of the consumption of contaminated water.

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