In modern times, chimneys are extremely important in Indian households, especially due to the nature of the cuisine.  Cooking Indian food involves deep-frying, sautéing, stir-frying, and grilling. As a result, there is a huge emission of fumes filled with oils, spices, and other volatile organic matter. If not expelled properly, these emissions can stick to the walls and ceilings of the kitchen as well as on the cabinets and kitchen appliances. With the passage of time, this will make the kitchen grimy which is totally undesirable. Also, the emissions from the kitchen can cause indoor air pollution. Thus, in order to keep ourselves healthy and have a sparkling clean kitchen, installation of a suitable kitchen chimney is highly recommended.

A chimney is an essential appliance of the kitchen as it collects and draws out the polluted air from the kitchen, leaving the indoor environment clean and safe. The working mechanism of a kitchen chimney is quite simple. While cooking, smoke, and oil droplets are emitted which are sucked into the chimney. The grease gets trapped by the chimney filters whereas the moisture and smoke travel through the ducts and are externally released into the environment.

There are different types of chimneys available in the market. Based on the placement, chimneys can be broadly categorized as: (i) Wall mounted chimneys, (ii) Island chimneys, (iii) Integrated or built-in chimneys, and (iv) Corner chimneys. Based on the duct present, kitchen chimneys can also be grouped as: (i) Ducted chimneys and (ii) Ductless chimneys. Another way to categorize kitchen chimneys is, on the basis of their filter cleaning process. On the basis of this parameter, kitchen chimneys can be classified into two groups: (i) auto clean kitchen chimneys and (ii) manual or non-auto clean kitchen chimneys.

What is an auto clean kitchen chimney?

An auto clean kitchen chimney is one which comes equipped with a separate oil collector. Oil droplets present in the cooking fumes get accumulated in this specialized oil collector. Because of this, auto clean kitchen chimneys come with a huge advantage over the manual ones as the former requires very minimal maintenance.

Working mechanism of an auto clean kitchen chimney:

An auto clean kitchen chimney consists of an aluminium non-stick turbine blower. Fumes released during cooking pass-through this blower. Due to the centrifugal force, the oil droplets are pushed towards the wall of the blower and are collected in a collector bowl. This oil collector bowl is detachable and has to be washed once in a month as per the usage. No extra effort is to be given in case of cleaning this type of chimney as one needs to only press the ‘auto clean’ control button while cooking.

Features of auto clean kitchen chimneys:

  1. A non-stick detachable oil collector is present in an auto clean kitchen chimney to collect the oil droplets.
  2. The oil collector can be emptied and cleaned once or twice in a month depending on the monthly usage. This, in turn, increases the lifespan of the chimney because unlike a non-auto clean chimney, oil droplets do not stock up in the filter and thus, the functionality of the chimney does not reduce.
  3. Suction power of an auto clean kitchen chimney is higher than its manual counterpart. As the oil particles do not adhere to the filter walls and clog it, the suction capacity automatically increases.
  4. Auto clean kitchen chimneys are more expensive but the higher price gets compensated by its extremely low maintenance cost.

Thus, it can easily be concluded that an auto clean chimney is an essential gadget that must be installed in our kitchen to keep it clean and pollution-free. Nowadays many companies like Propello have come up with some of the best kitchen chimneys with dry auto-clean technology. These chimneys are sleek and modern and are equipped with a number of features. The auto-clean facility makes these chimneys easy to operate, easy to clean, and easy to maintain thereby saving time and increasing the effectiveness as well as the lifespan of the chimney. Propello also offers round-the-clock customer support which is extremely beneficial for the customers as they get a splendid after-sales service.

So, if you are planning to renovate your kitchen with modern amenities like latest electrical appliances, innovative lighting, advanced racking, and piping systems, then do not forget to also invest in an auto clean kitchen chimney because it is an integral part of any modern Indian kitchen. So, get your auto clean chimney today and enjoy a clean and spotless kitchen.

When you have already decided to get a chimney installed in the kitchen of your home, here the question arises whether you should choose a Manual Clean Chimney or an Auto Clean Chimney. There is no doubt about the fact that the best kitchen chimneys play a major role in keeping the kitchen environment healthy and removing all kinds of dirt, grease, smoke, etc.

Some people might not have entire knowledge about an auto clean chimney, what it’s all about, how it works, and other functionalities. However, everyone has a basic idea about a normal kitchen chimney. There are many reasons as to which one would fit better in your kitchen. Here we have brought a comparison to help you get over your doubts and find the best products from the Top Kitchen Chimney Dealers.


1. Advanced Technology

The auto clean chimney comes with advanced technological developments, which has an oil collector to collect oil particles from the smoke and fumes. This prevents oil clogging in the internal parts of your chimney and keeps the air purified around the kitchen. This part of the chimney is detachable and can be cleaned easily.

On the other hand, we see the manual clean chimney which does not have any such special features. As a matter of fact, the oil and grease will remain stuck in the filters which would require frequent cleaning.


2. Lifespan and Durability

Now we already know that this Advance Kitchen Chimney has auto cleaning functions, the reason why it can be kept and maintained well and made to work for a longer period. The oil collector adds on to the well being of this chimney and assures longer lifespan and durability of the machine.

You might not even notice but in a manual clean chimney, due to the absence of certain features, it keeps on getting dirtier and the oil stocks up in the filters and other parts of the chimney. It is not always possible for someone to keep a check and clean thoroughly every day. Thus, it puts a threat to the degrading of the product day by day and ultimately stops functioning.


3. Maintenance

In comparison with the manual clean chimney, the auto-clean one works more efficiently. It has features which help to keep it well and good and you can even take out the oil collector and clean it when required. That reduces the overall maintenance of the chimney.

But for the normal one, you need some professional help or vigorous efforts to clean the ins and outs of the equipment because the grease and dirt are clogged all over it. Therefore to keep it working efficiently, you need to have a regular maintenance check.


4. Suction power of the Chimney

The suction power of a chimney is that which helps in taking out all the smokes, fumes, smell, and dirt that are the effects of cooking. However, the suction power is much higher in an auto clean chimney than a normal one. Here we get to see what difference the oil collector makes. Due to the oil clogging in manual chimneys, the suction power reduces with time.



Auto clean chimneys are definitely priced at a much higher range than the normal chimney since it is built-in with the latest technological parts and has way more features and even has a guarantee of working efficiently for a longer period of time.

On the other side, the manual clean kitchen chimneys are known to cost much less due to their limited efficiency and even adds up to regular maintenance costs.

Clearly, now we get to realize that an auto clean chimney is a way better option than going for a manual clean chimney. You might need to spend a heavy amount before you get it all set up but it’s sure to give you much better services for your long term use.  Get your Advance Kitchen Chimney today!

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