The kitchen is often believed to be the heart of homes. From learning cooking to being able to cook our favourite dishes, the kitchen is the hub of many daily activities and most of us have fond memories associated with it. So, designing a kitchen in an efficient and comfortable way is very important. Designing a kitchen involves many decisions like choosing the colour of walls, choosing appliances and utensils, and so on. Every step, big or small, ultimately helps to make your kitchen a happy place in your home.

Kitchens have always been an essential part of homes but their designs and functionalities have changed a lot over the past decade. Kitchens have moved from being the cooking area to the cozy conversation place in modern homes. As the saying goes “Happy kitchen, Happy home”, homeowners have started taking kitchen designs very seriously.

Current appliance trends in Kitchen

Appliances play an important role in making your kitchen efficient. Gone are those days when a gas stove or a refrigerator would be the biggest asset in a kitchen. People are implementing a lot of innovative ideas for kitchen designing. In the past few years, there has been a drastic increase in the range of kitchen appliances as technology has advanced. New technologies have made efficient and entertaining. Some of the current appliance trends in the kitchen are as follows:

Auto-clean kitchen chimneys –

Traditional kitchen chimneys had the problem of grease getting stuck to the filter which in turn affected the suction power. Over time, the efficiency of the chimney to suck in oil and grease would decrease. But many companies have found a solution to this problem by introducing auto clean kitchen chimneys. These chimneys not only look sleek and elegant but they also prevent clogging of grease inside the chimneys. Some of the chimneys which provide this feature are the Classic and Stilez models by Propello.

French door refrigerators –

The side-by-side doors refrigerators have become very popular in recent times. These refrigerators provide a lot of space at the eye level which makes it easier for homeowners to use.

Glass cooktops –

This is a comparatively new innovation that can add a very classy look to your kitchen. Many companies like Propello have come up with multiple-burners beautiful cooktops made of tempered glass. Apart from the eye-pleasing looks, models like Blaze and Sparkz are very compact and useful for cooking multiple dishes parallelly.

RO+UF Water purifiers –

Nowadays people have become increasingly conscious about their health. People are not only choosing a healthy diet, but there has also been a growing consciousness about drinking water. The RO+UF water purifiers have membranes that are capable of removing even the smallest particles and kill the harmful bacteria in water thus ensuring safety. These purifiers also have the feature of adjusting minerals in drinking water so that it tastes good. Propello offers purifiers like Life Plus which can perform all these functions.


Advantages of modern kitchen appliances

If you want to have a good lifestyle then modern kitchen appliances will become a necessity. These appliances can actually help you cook smarter and better in a hectic life. Modern kitchens use integrated technology which makes the kitchen a better place. Modern kitchens are known for making very efficient use of space. Some of the advantages of modern kitchen appliances are as follows:

Amazing design – Customers nowadays want a kitchen that looks great. Many people don’t mind spending a few extra bucks to make their kitchens look stylish. Modern kitchen appliances are designed to look good and perform multi-functional activities so that they can be used even in small spaces.

Energy-efficient – Current kitchen appliances are designed in a way that it can save electricity. They are user-friendly and energy-efficient as compared to traditional designs.

Durable – Kitchen appliances are meant for regular usage so it is very important that they are durable. Modern appliances are manufactured using different innovative technologies which ensure that the appliances last long.

Cooking efficiency – Appliances like multiple gas burners can actually speed up the cooking process significantly. With so many tools and technologies available at home, people who love cooking have the opportunity to try out new and complex dishes at home.

Savings – Modern kitchen appliances are often multi-functional. They can speed up the process of cooking as well as cleaning which can help you to save money in the long run.

Kitchens should be designed in a way so that it suits all your needs. There are many benefits of having a well-designed modern kitchen. You can have your very own customized and aesthetic set-up to make your everyday chore of cooking look seamless. The choice of kitchen design can bring it all together or make the kitchen a separate entity in your home. The choice is completely yours!!

The hearth makes the house, and whether you’re setting up a new kitchen or have a lived and loved one, an important factor one must not overlook is including and choosing the best kitchen chimney.

Especially today, with health and safety being of primary importance, a chimney has moved on from being just a good looking addition when setting up your home to being something which is an absolutely useful necessity. Which makes buying one from the best and trusted chimney dealers important.

After all, a good looking kitchen without a good looking chimney in it looks so incomplete!

Here is listing a couple of reasons why installing a chimney in the kitchen is a smart move for the conscious household:

  1. It helps keep your home smoke-free by absorbing smoke and fumes.

    The basic- and most important- function of the chimney remains to suck in the smoke and fumes that arise when cooking. This prevents the smoke from escaping into the sitting room and subsequently choking those around. This is a primary feature of both an affordable kitchen chimney as well as an advanced kitchen chimney and helps ensure healthy lungs for all the family too. Inhale clean air during this pandemic- such a win!

  2. Keeps the kitchen walls oil-free.

    A lot of Indian cooking is traditionally oily and involves a lot of frying. Did you know that the fumes which arise from the cooking also contain oil particles leading to the formation of grime? A chimney typically sucks in the oil and prevents it from sticking to the walls, thus maintaining cleanliness and longevity of the décor. Also, this means lesser cleaning in the kitchen!

  3. Chimneys help recycle the air:

    If you install a ductless chimney in your kitchen, the charcoal filters purify the stale air that enters the chimney and passes purified air back into the kitchen. A smart move for a smart household!

  4. Reduces the amount of heat while cooking:

    By sucking in all the hot air before it gets a chance to dissipate around the kitchen, a chimney typically helps in reducing discomfort when cooking.

  5. It adds to the style quotient.

    When you are spending so much money on keeping your home looking good, why compromise with the kitchen? The kitchen is where all the good food reaches you from. Which makes a good looking kitchen a requisite for the perfect host to churn out the best dishes- and look good in a chic surrounding when at it!

Propello is among a handful of top brands to consider when selecting the best chimney for your kitchen. The chimney’s come with a host of unique features and is designed and equipped for performing well with even the toughest grime from desi cooking.

Also, on offer from this Kolkata born brand are a range of sizes, so there is absolutely no compromise on the functionality and performance of a Propello chimney. They are also built with dry clean, auto clean, and heat-clean technology.

So why compromise when you can get the best for your world.
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