Modular kitchen and other kitchen décor trends to watch out for in 2021

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Over the last few years, the kitchen has evolved into a happening place in the house where besides cooking, people socialise, spend quality time with family and create memories. While 2020 was all about space-saving solutions and storage ideas, 2021 is all about comfort. With many people still working from home, the trends in 2021 are all about making the kitchens trendy but yet comfortable and cosy. From installing kitchen chimneys to built-in hobs, take a look inside the current trends in the kitchen decor: modular kitchen

  • Cook with comfort with modern kitchen chimneys:

The best addition to any modular kitchen is a kitchen chimney as it allows you to cook in a smoke-free environment. They help in removing cooking smoke while protecting the kitchen walls, cabinets and tiles from oil and grease stains. These chimneys are available in stylish designs. The modern chimneys can be easily installed into or under the kitchen cabinet. The modern chimneys blend themselves with the layout, giving the space a seamless look.

Check out new-age modular kitchen chimneys from Propello, one of the leading chimney brands. Our chimneys are designed for efficient suction. Our chimneys feature a sleek design and easy controls. They are designed to save you the hassle of frequent cleaning. Thanks to dry auto clean technology, our chimneys are easy to clean and maintain. They are equipped with an oil collector for easy maintenance. Sticky oil particles get collected in the oil collector, which is easy to detach and clean.

  • Colours are in vogue:

Colorful cabinetry is a guaranteed way to infuse personality into the kitchen area. Red, green, turquoise and green are some trending colours that enliven any kitchen, be it small or big. Dual-toned kitchens, be it red and white, yellow and grey or green and off-white, have become a popular choice. Going for a colourful kitchen elevates the overall look of standard cabinetry and ensures that it is a welcoming space for the whole family.

  • Sleek and custom look with integrated appliances:

Built-in appliances especially kitchen hobs are gaining popularity in the last few years. A built-in hob gives the kitchen a sleeker and more cohesive look than a freestanding cooktop. Give your kitchen a truly high-end look and feel by meticulously concealing all pipes and wires as it leaves extra space for a beautiful splashback. Other built-in appliances such as a microwave oven or a dishwasher can be a good option if you have limited space in your kitchen.

  • Statement floorings:

So far, kitchen flooring has been all about functionality. But a stylish and modern kitchen deserves flooring that is not drab. Wood planks, Moroccon tiles, patterned tiles and mosaic tiles can elevate the look of the kitchen and add to the atmosphere. If you plan to go for statement flooring, make sure the tiles are safe and not too slippery.

  • Lighting is the focal point:

Earlier lighting in the kitchen was all about functionality. But now, it reflects the personality of the homeowners while serving the purpose. Ambient lighting has made way for accent lighting, recessed lighting and task lighting. Pendant lamps are the most popular kinds as they are decorative and offer illumination over cooking areas or kitchen island.

To keep yourself abreast with kitchen design trends, watch for this space.

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