Kitchen Hob

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Kitchen Hob

The efficiency of your cooktop or hob will determine the effectiveness of your cooking area. Do you need help deciding whether a stove or a cooker is the right choice? These tips will help you make an informed decision.

The term “cooktop” is used in India to refer to a portable cooking device. These are the ones that were used traditionally and are still very popular. They are mainly made from stainless steel and rest on granite countertops with four short stands.

Installation of your Hob

It is essential to cut a portion of the countertop according to the dimensions of your hob before you can fix it. Before the kitchen countertop can be laid, you must choose the model of hob that you want. This will ensure that your hob is in place quickly after finishing your kitchen.

Because cooktops are portable, it is easy to install. The cooktop can be brought home and connected to a fuel supply.

Aesthetic Appeal

The addition of built-in hobs enhances the kitchen’s seamless appearance. They are also an excellent way to improve your modular kitchen’s design. You can conceal the electrical wires and gas pipes well.

Think twice about traditional stainless steel when you think of cooktops. Modern kitchens can be complemented by modern cooktops that are sleek and contemporary. Many cooktops have control knobs at the sides, making them appear modular.

Dimension of the Hob/Optimal number of Burner Coils

The traditional cooktop has two burners. Hobs have more than one burner. The most common hob dimensions are 60 cm (2 ft) wide and 75 cm (2.5 ft wide), although larger sizes, such as 90 cm or 120 cm, are also available.

Be aware of the hob dimensions compared to the number of burners. You could only use two burners at once if your hob is smaller.

Fuel Efficiency and Cooking Time

Built-in hobs are equipped with European standard burners. The flame intensity is much lower than on Indian cooktops. This allows for a longer cooking time.

Indian cooktops will take less time to heat due to a higher flame intensity. Their fuel efficiency is, therefore, higher than in-built hobs.

Easy Cleaning

Cooktops are very easy to clean. The cooktops come with a spill plate that collects food spillages and is easily lifted to be swept under running water. The entire unit can be raised to clean any spillage. You can also easily remove the burner rings and plates and wash them quickly.

In-built hobs are attached to the countertop using screws. They can be cleaned periodically. In some cases, professional cleaning might be required. You can sign up for maintenance to have your hob maintained by the manufacturer, who will ensure it is in excellent condition.

What is a Kitchen Hob and Other Important Questions

Built-in cooking hobs are very popular in India due to their sturdy build and beautiful looks. They are ideal for Indian kitchens as they can be used for heavy-duty cooking. We are one of the most trusted brands of kitchen appliances in India. We will answer all your questions about the kitchen hob:

  1. Let’s answer the fundamental question: What is a kitchen hob? A hob is a kitchen appliance that fits perfectly onto your kitchen countertop. After the slab is cut, the hob is placed in a manner that conceals all electrical and gas wires.
  1. How do you use a built-in hob? The knobs are on the front of the hob, just like a traditional stovetop. You don’t need a lighter or matchstick to ignite modern built-in stoves. You can turn the knob to light the burners automatically.
  1. How do you clean a kitchen stove? Our kitchen hobs have a toughened glass top that is easy to clean and scratch resistant. The drip trays make it easy to clean up spillages. Do not let spillages settle – you will need to clean them with a microfibre cloth or a surface cleaner.
  1. What size hob is suitable for you? This will depend on whether your kitchen hob is being installed for the first or second time. To choose the suitable size kitchen hob, measure the existing one. To purchase a new kitchen hob, measure your kitchen slab. Kutchina has expert advisors that can assist you in making the right choice.

Propello kitchen hobs offer the perfect combination of performance and aesthetics. Our kitchen hobs, specially designed for Indian cooking and made from high-quality materials, are a must-have in modern kitchens.

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