Is a Chimney Necessary in a Modular kitchen?

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Is a Chimney Necessary in a Modular kitchen?

There is no debate that a modular kitchen is incomplete without a chimney. Modular kitchens are known for their sleek and modern appearance. They give your kitchen a tidy look. However, everyday cooking and the release of oily and greasy particles can stain the walls, cabinets and tiles, taking the sheen off the stylish modular kitchen.  Therefore, a modular kitchen chimney is required to remove all the smoke right from above the stove before it makes the kitchen greasy Modular kitchen. 

If you are planning to buy a chimney online for your modular kitchen, read the following insights on why chimneys are a necessity in a modular kitchen: 


  • A fresh and clean kitchen

Having a chimney in the kitchen will prevent the kitchen walls and ceiling from turning greasy and yellowish in colour due to cooking fumes. Everyday cooking produces a lot of oily and smoke. A chimney extracts all of these particles at the source before they spread to your kitchen and the rest of the house. This will keep the house free of odour. 


Note: If you are into cooking Indian dishes that require deep frying, opt for a chimney with high suction capacity. Suction power refers to the ability of the chimneys to extract oil particles and fumes. At Propello, we offer chimneys with a wide range of suction powers. It ranges from 750 to 1,800 m3/hour.

  • Keeps the tiles shining

Beautiful backsplash can really elevate the look of the kitchen. But the inevitable grease can make them look unsightly. By drawing all the smoke and grease, a kitchen chimney protects the precious tiles or granite of the modular kitchen from oily and sticky fumes. This means your kitchen will stay clean for longer, needing less cleaning regularly. 

  • Better cooking experience

The lingering smell of frying and the crackling spices of tempering gives a wonderful aroma but they can spread from the kitchen to other rooms, making the whole house smelly. A kitchen chimney draws The smell, leaving your kitchen and home, clean and fresh. 

Note: Our modular kitchen chimneys come with built-in lamps that help you see better when you’re cooking. 

  • Adds to your kitchen’s aesthetic appeal

While there are many advantages of a kitchen chimney, one of the important aspects is the aesthetic appeal. A sleek, classy looking chimney can make your cooking space look more elegant.  By opting for a chimney that goes well with the decor of your kitchen, you can give your kitchen a sophisticated look. 


Planning to buy a chimney online?

Our auto clean chimneys are your ticket to a hassle-free cooking experience. Crafted with elegance, our chimneys are a combination of superior performance and a beautiful appearance. The dry auto-clean technology of our chimneys ensures that they are low maintenance. They are designed with a separate oil collector to ensure easy cleaning. The oil and other residue get collected in the oil collector which can be cleaned with a basic wash.

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