Cooker hob in Kolkata

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Cooker hob in Kolkata


Features of our HOB cooker:

Sparkz, one of the best electric hobs in the market, is a great way to cook healthy and fast. With three different burners that come with double rings of flame, it helps you cooking at ease.

A top priority for most people who are looking for an electric hob is healthiness. Sparkz provides you with healthy cooking experience by offering you three types of cooking: Simmering or Stewing, Boiling and Browning. These options help you choose the right temperature for each type of food, so that you don’t need to worry about any unnecessary side effects on your health.

In addition, it has great built-in auto ignition feature, which is rarely found on other electric hobs. Auto ignition means that as soon as you turn on the gas supply, Sparkz will work automatically without any extra steps like a match or a lighter. It also has strong pan support and glass surface, which enables easy cleaning and keeps the burners scratch-free. All these features make it one of the best electric hobs in the market.

The HOB cooker combines the efficiency and performance of induction cooking with the modern elegance of glass. Its designer-styled glass panel is made of tempered glass, which not only makes it more durable than regular glass, it also makes it easier to clean. The sparkling blue flame of each burner has two levels: high and low. The high level is ideal for sautéing or cooking at a higher heat, while the low level is best for simmering or keeping food warm. The burner is designed to prevent spillage by not allowing water to collect around the base; this means you can leave your cookware unattended without worrying about spills. These burners are also fitted with auto ignition, which allows them to light up even when you are in the middle of making a recipe and need to step away for a moment. The Sparkz hob comes with three built-in brass burners and double rings with strong pan support, making it perfect for cooking all sorts of dishes. The Sparkz hob is wireless (no wires!), which means you can install it just about anywhere in your kitchen depending on your preferences.

Once you’ve cooked on one, there’s no going back to gas. We’ve tried to cook on gas before, but after a few uses, it became clear that the experience just wasn’t up to par. Here’s why:

-Gas heats unevenly over time, so you have to turn your burner off and on frequently.

-You can’t adjust the temperature of a burner individually

-Most people don’t realize how long it takes for an electric stove to heat up; this means that as soon as you turn it on, it’s at full blast and you’re probably burning whatever you put on the stovetop. This is not the case with our hob, which has three separate burners that are controlled independently.

-Using a gas stove means standing next to the burner and keeping an eye on the food at all times—you can’t be away from it for more than a few minutes or else it will go cold. Not so with our hob, this has auto ignition that allows us to leave the kitchen for a period of time without worrying about whether or not we’re leaving food unattended.

-Only one ring of flame means that you need to keep turning your pan in order for all sides of your food to cook equally.

Buy the best cooker hob in Kolkata from Propello!

We make your home more comfortable with the touch of our innovation. For cooking, no one can beat our stove hob. We have some of the best kolkata hob available for your kitchen. Our cookers hobs have the most advanced technology and are easy to use. They have a great finish and will make your kitchen look trendy and beautiful. The cooker hob is available in a variety of colors and has a modern design, which makes it an attractive buy for most women.

The stove tops are designed as per international standards and thus you can be sure that they will last for a long time. They use less energy and come with a warranty of two years from us. So if you have been searching for a stove top in Kolkata, stop looking further and get in touch with Propello today!


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