Why kitchen chimneys are necessary for Indian kitchens?

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Why kitchen chimneys are necessary for Indian kitchens?

In the age of sleek, modular kitchens, it’s difficult to imagine a kitchen without a chimney. Moreover, electric chimneys have become an indispensable part of modern-day kitchens. Plus, ours is a tropical country. Here the summer is unrelenting which makes cooking for a long duration, with smoke emanating from the gas burner just beyond our imagination. Yet, our mothers and grandmothers remained unperturbed, cooking to their heart’s content without uttering a word of complaint. At Propello, we believe that technological advancement has made life easier in the kitchen for many women across the world. Now, women don’t have to bear the suffocating atmosphere inside the kitchen, thanks to the emergence of kitchen chimneys in the market.

Say Goodbye to Indoor Air Pollution!

The kind of cuisine determines the smoke density. The smoke density depends on the kind of cuisine being prepared. For continental dishes, the smoke generated is considerably lesser as compared to Indian dishes which involve using a lot of spices and oil. Particulates consisting of organic and inorganic matter of microscopic size get released during cooking. They contain smoke, soot, water vapor, oil fumes causing respiratory problems for those spending considerable time in the kitchen. Chimneys vent out fumes, smoke, moisture and grease-filled air, reducing air pollution inside the kitchen. Also, these pollutants tend to stick to walls, ceilings and appliances giving the kitchen a grimy appearance.

How to choose the ‘Right’ one?

We are as clueless while choosing the ‘right’ chimney as we are in other areas of life. Especially, with so much variety available in the market, we are spoilt for choice. What you choose depends on the structure of the kitchen, where you intend to place it and how high/low is the cooking platform. Once you have decided on the type, the next step is buying. While buying one, you need to keep in mind certain factors such as the length of the hose (longer the hose, higher the suction power which is the power to suck out particles and odor), the filter quality, size, ease of maintenance, and of course, the price. In fact, compare kitchen chimney price list across various brands and then come to a decision.

The elegant, eye-catching designs, superior finish and technology and remarkable performance make our brand Propello a leader in the kitchen appliance market. Owing to overwhelming demand for kitchen chimneys, chimney companies in India are sprouting up at a rapid pace. Despite stiff competition, at Propello, we continue to dominate the market. Customers vouch for our product design and quality, efficient after-sales service and easy payment through installments.

At Propello, we don’t care much about the soaring statistics indicating our growing popularity. What we do care about is the enduring trust that our brand name ensures and the satisfaction that our customers feel when using our products.

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