When thinking of top rated chimneys, think Propello!

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When thinking of top rated chimneys, think Propello!

In modern times, people’s requirements are rising effectively. Therefore, people are showing interest in using various advanced kitchen appliances. Hence, kitchen chimneys are used to remove smoke and other heavy gases from the kitchens and prevent odor and other smell to spread in other areas of the house.

As the consumers may find it difficult to identify the best kitchen chimneys in India, in the below-mentioned sections, we have highlighted the features and advantages of some world-class kitchen chimneys from Propello.


This 90 cm long kitchen chimney has an amazing finishing due to its elegant body texture and smart look! This futuristically designed product will keep your kitchen completely grease-free. Its functionalities include 1600m³/hr of suction power, 160mm of air outlet and the feature of filtration due to Oil Collector with Heat Auto Clean. It consumes 180 Watt of power.


If you are looking for a durable kitchen chimney, then the Classic chimney of Propello should be your choice. Your kitchen will remain free from smoke and grease due to its latest oil collector technology. The other functionalities of this 75 cm long kitchen chimney include 1200m³/hr of suction power, Push Button Control, 2-speed control and 2 LED Indicators. Its body is made of stainless steel and it consumes 180-Watt of power.


At Propello, we offer this Queen-Black Kitchen Chimney to those users who are looking to reduce their energy bills. This 75 cm long machine consumes only 70-Watt of power and provides a lot of features. Some of these features include 1150m³/hr of suction power, Push Button Control, 2-speed control, one LED Indicator and the feature of filtration due to Oil Collector with dry-clean technology. This product has contemporary design aesthetics and with it, your kitchen will experience a royal look.

Plush & Glow Chimneys

If consumers ask us to provide a kitchen chimney to be installed in a small to mid-sized kitchen, then we can offer our Plush and Glow kitchen chimneys. These chimneys are 60 cms long and are uniquely designed. Their Dry Clean and Oil Collector Technology will keep your kitchen completely clean and grease-free. Some of their best features include 1150m³/hr-1200m³/hr of suction power, 150 mm- 160mm of air outlet, Push Button Control and 2-3 speed control. They are simply an unparalleled combination of performance and style.

What type of kitchen chimneys do people prefer now?

People now mostly prefer kitchen chimneys of these three types – 2ft (60cms), 3ft (90cms) and 2.4ft approx (75 cms). We can provide these types of chimneys best fitting your kitchen as well as the decorative models. Decorative models for 60 and 90 cms are quite common but at Propello, we can even provide you 75 cms decorative model.

At Propello, we offer different types of chimney for kitchen. We believe that our offered models can properly meet all the requirements of any consumer. Our mission is to offer a one-of-a-kind and stress-free kitchen experience!

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