What Type of Kitchen Chimneys are Best for Indian Kitchens?

12th Dec admin

Nowadays everyone wants to beautify their kitchens with a touch of uniqueness and modernity. A modern kitchen is incomplete without smart & modern appliances. The kitchen chimney is one of the smart appliances that every modern kitchen must-have. Indian kitchens are famous for their aromatic spices, oily fries, ‘tadka’ etc. If your modern kitchen is laced with costly interiors, tiles, and elegant decors and you still depend on an exhaust fan, then it’s time to gift your kitchen the best kitchen chimney available in the market.

If you are confused about choosing the best kitchen chimney model that suits your kitchen then you must check out the points below:

1. Search for kitchen chimneys with high suction power –

Whenever you are looking out for the best kitchen chimney always remember that kitchen chimneys with high suction power are ideal for Indian kitchens. High suction power efficiently keeps your kitchen smoke free, thereby preventing health hazards. Let your kitchen chimney dealer visit your home and let them get an idea of the size and placement of the kitchen as suction power depends largely upon your cooking frequency and size of the kitchen. Propello offers a wide range of kitchen chimneys that offers the best suction power. Among the best models from Propello are Sleek, Dazzle, and Cruze. These models have a suction display feature that allows you to analyze the suction power.

2. Easy to maintain

Indian cooking generally comprises of dealing in very strong aromatic spices and oil, which leaves traces behind. So select auto clean kitchen chimneys for hassle-free maintenance. The latest models of kitchen chimneys from Propello like Sleek, Dazzle, and Cruze come with dry auto clean technology which saves your time and keeps you away from the burden of cleaning the chimneys regularly.

3. Post-sales service –

This is one of the most important aspects that you must consider while buying the best kitchen chimney. Sometimes kitchen chimneys may require professional services at certain intervals. At Propello you can attain the best of services after sales at regular intervals.

4. Matches with your modular kitchen’s decor –

Modern kitchen that does not have a kitchen chimney end up with greasy tiles and sticky walls. So when you are searching for a kitchen chimney it is also important that it must synchronize with your existing kitchen fixtures and decor. We at Propello offer a wide range of modern kitchen chimneys with advanced technologies and innovation. So beauty along with quality is important for attaining a modern kitchen.

So choose only kitchen chimneys from the best brand in kitchen chimney – Propello for a smoke-free, grease-free, and healthy kitchen.

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