Top 5 Kitchen Hygiene Tips to Follow During the New Normal

8th Dec admin

Coronavirus (Covid-19) has afflicted tremendously millions of people across the world. The world is waiting for a strong and effective vaccine that could stop the disastrous effects of this virus. This pandemic demands social distancing, eating healthy, and maintaining a proper hygienic lifestyle. This new normal has taught humankind adaptability to restrictions. But as far as maintaining a hygienic lifestyle is considered, you must never compromise with it at any cost and especially when kitchen hygiene is considered. So to safeguard yourself from getting infected with COVID-19 and keep your loved ones safe, here are some important tips that will help you out in maintaining good kitchen hygiene.

Kitchen hygiene tips that you must follow:


  • Wash your hands properly

This is one of the most important things which you should always practice whenever you enter the kitchen. Hands are home to various diseases spreading bacteria & viruses to add more specifically coronavirus.  Make sure before touching anything or preparing any food you wash your hands thoroughly with soap or hand wash.

  • Wash fruits and vegetables properly –

Owing to the uncertain presence of the virus, it is advisable to wash the vegetables and fruits properly. Before its consumption, it is better to soak them in water with vinegar for at least 1 hour. Then wash them properly with pure water from the top water purifiers before cooking. You can use water from Alkaline RO water purifiers for best results.

  • Clean the countertops & add disposable wipes for cleaning –

Make sure you clean the countertops in a proper and complete hygienic way. Use all-purpose disinfectant or soap with water to clean the kitchen cabinets, platform, sink, and other metal or wooden surfaces. Since the presence of coronavirus on different surfaces is unpredictable it is better to use disposable wipes for cleaning the same. You can also clean the slabs with warm water, salt, and lemon to get rid of the germs.


  • Keep your kitchen chimneys clean –

Often people ignore the maintenance of the kitchen chimneys. But you must be aware that kitchen chimneys are one among the places where a lot of germ and disease spreading germs stick to or dwell if the suction filters of the chimneys are not regularly cleaned. A kitchen chimney does the work of sucking up the smoke and harmful germs from your cooking area.  During this pandemic, you may purchase the best kitchen chimney from Propello which is the best brand in kitchen chimney. Propello provides touch-less (wave technology) auto clean kitchen chimneys which clean itself with low maintenance cost. Contact your nearest kitchen chimney dealer and free yourself from the hassle.


  • Keep your sink and dustbins clean –

Scrub your sink from time to time. Get rid of the pooled water in the sink or spillages around the sink. Make sure you clean them with disinfectant or soap. Also, old food or leftovers thrown in the dustbin for a longer time can decompose and germs can thrive on it. To avoid that empty the bin on a daily basis.

Kitchen hygiene is a very important aspect of a healthy life that you should never ignore. Always remember you get immunity and you stay healthy from the food that you eat and the way it is cooked in the kitchen. So always follow the kitchen rules and keep your kitchen healthy and clean because a clean kitchen is the easiest way to maintain a healthy life.

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