Tips to Choose the Best Kitchen Chimney for West Bengal

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Tips to Choose the Best Kitchen Chimney for West Bengal

Bengalis love to eat and the food we cook is delectable. However, Bengali food involves cooking which emits a lot of smoke, fumes, and odour which sets as oil and grease on the walls and other parts of the Best Kitchen Chimney.

This is where comes the need for a good kitchen chimney, an appliance which absorbs all the smoke and fumes evolved while cooking keeps the kitchen clean of the oil and grease settling in, and maintains fresh air circulation around you.

So, when in Kolkata here a few tips you might consider before choosing the perfect kitchen chimney from a trusted dealer :

1. Area of Kitchen

The size of the kitchen, ventilation, and the arrangement inside must be analyzed to understand how and where the Best  Chimney can be fitted into.

2. Size of Best Kitchen Chimney

The size of the chimney which you are planning to buy must correspond with the size of your gas range or stove. The chimney should be of the exact size or larger than your gas range.

3. Type of Filter

It can be classified majorly into 3 categories: cassette filter, baffle filter, and carbon filter for handling air at every stage. Baffle filter can be considered best for Bengali style cooking.

4. Type of Best Kitchen Chimney

They are basically of 2 types: auto clean and manual. Auto clean chimneys are considered as a better investment because they have separate oil collectors, are easier to clean, and are more durable than a normal chimney.

5. Cost and Design

The Top Kitchen Chimney Dealers in Kolkata have come up with variations of contemporary kitchen chimneys that redefine style and complement the interiors and affordable. The design must match with your kitchen’s appearance and functionality.

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