Modular kitchen and Chimney: Trends to Look out for

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Every year, new trends bring a fresh bunch of ideas to make Indian kitchens more optimal in terms of functionality and look. From using new colour tones and statement pieces to adding sleek modular kitchen chimneys – the new trends are inspiring and worth implementing Modular kitchen . 


Here are some latest kitchen trends to look out for: from modular kitchen chimneys to  contrasting countertops 


  • Wooden finishes for the kitchen cabinet

Wood finishes exude warmth and simplicity. They add elegance to a space. A few popular types of wood finishes include lighter than oak or walnut, subtle-grained ash, and varnish wood finishes.  A two-toned colour scheme for wooden cabinets gives the kitchen a visually attractive look.

Pro tip: Use dark colours for the cabinets near the cooktop as they are prone to staining. 

  • Transform Your kitchens from regular to modular 

A messy and unorganised kitchen can be off-putting. But with modular kitchens, there is plenty of room for customisation. Whether you are looking for space management, ways to fix awkward corners or looking for space for built-in appliances, modular kitchen designs can be tailored as per yout needs. 

  • A modern kitchen is incomplete without modular kitchen chimneys

Modular kitchens are chic and stylish. To keep them looking like new, you need a modular kitchen chimney. A kitchen chimney sucks all the fumes, grease and oil released during everyday cooking, preventing kitchen tiles, cabinets and walls from getting greasy and sticky. 


Looking to buy chimney online? 

If you are planning to buy chimney online, explore modular kitchen chimneys that are high on performance and easy to maintain. Unlike traditiona l chimneys, Propello auto clean chimneys are easy to clean thanks to auto clean technology. Our auto clean chimneys come with a detachable oil collector. Which means you do not have to worry about cleaning it frequently. The oil and grease get accumulated in the oil collector. It can be emptied and cleaned easily. . Designed for convenience, our chimneys come with push buttons, touch panels, and hand wave technology.  You can choose the interface as per your convenience. 


  1. Go for contrasting countertops

Instead of going all ‘matchy-matchy’, opt for contrasting countertops. They add a different level of elegance to the kitchen. Go for black and white, red and blue, and even red and white to create a contrast. 


2. Liven up kitchen space with indoor plants 

The year 2021 has been all about vertical gardens. Adding plants to your kitchen space will never go out of trend. Here are some smart ways to make your kitchen space greener: 

  • Open shelves:  Install open shelves to place pots and grow herbs such as lemongrass and coriander. 
  • Shelf ladder: Installing wooden ladders is a trendy way to get creative in the kitchen with plants. You can keep some vibrant pots that flow down creating a dramatic look. Moreover, snake plants, succulents, and spider plants also add to the beauty of a kitchen space.  
  • Window sills: Some plants that grow well under direct sunlight. Deck up your window sills with tiny pots and keep such sun-seeking houseplants on a window sill. 


3. Statement floors

Keep everything minimal and let the floor do all the talking. Here are some ways to style your kitchen floor:

  • Solid coloured tiles: Opt for solid colours to pull off a classic look. Shades in white and beige make the space look unique and sassy.
  • Colour block tiles: If you have an open kitchen, you can use contrasting blocks of decorative tiles. It is a smart way to separate the cooking area from dining space. 
  • Chessboard patterns: If you want to create a vintage vibe, opt for black and white square tiles to create a chessboard pattern. You can add a few antique furniture to complete the look. 
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