Interesting Facts on the History of Kitchen: Curated by one of the Leading Kitchen Chimney Makers

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The kitchen is the heart of the home. Today, the kitchen is not just a space where you cook, it also serves as a social space where family and friends spend time together. However, it took centuries for the kitchen to become practical, functional, attractive, and inviting. modern kitchen If you look at the history of the kitchen, you will find it served primarily as an area to prepare food and in some cultures, the kitchen wasn’t even located inside the house. To know more such interesting facts, keep on reading   

History of  kitchens around the world: facts curated by a leading chimney manufacturer


  • ‘Granaries’ were part of ancient Indian houses

Indian homes used to have a separate storeroom or granary. All the grains, spices, and oil that were required for the day had to be collected in the morning. Once they came into the kitchen, the items were never sent back to the storeroom. It was believed that digging into the food stocks with moist hands could spoil the rest of the groceries. 

  • Greeks started the concept of modern kitchen

During the 5th century, the Greeks constructed a kitchen structure separate from the rest of the house. They built a small storage room near the back of the kitchen to store utensils. The ancient Greeks used clay ovens to bake meat and vegetables, much like modern-day pizza ovens. 

  • The first gas stoves factory was set up in 1836 

Gas stoves were not a reality until the 1800s. In 1802, the German inventor Frederick Albert Winson used gas for the first time to cook food. However, it was in 1836 that a gas stove factory was established in England and people started using a gas stove instead of wood and coal.

  • Refrigerators used to cost more than a car

The refrigerator was invented in 1911. First-generation refrigerators were so expensive that they cost more than a budget car. Before refrigerators, Americans used to have iceboxes in the kitchen. It was designed similar to a cabinet, insulated, with space for a block of ice to be inserted. Like postmen, there were icemen who delivered blocks of ice. 

  • The ‘Internet toaster’ was the world’s first smart kitchen appliance

It was in 1990 when a kitchen toaster was controlled for the first time via the internet. There were only 3 million people on the internet when this smart appliance was launched.

  • Teflon revolutionised the modern kitchen experience

Teflon was invented by a chemist named Roy J Plunkett in 1938. It became a revolutionary invention as it could withstand high temperatures. With a non-stick surface, Teflon-coated frying pans, muffin tins, baking pans, baking sheets became a popular and easy to clean option in the kitchens. Plunkett was later inducted into the Inventors Hall of Fame for his work with Teflon.


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