Know which Chimney Is Right for Your Kitchen

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Know which Chimney Is Right for Your Kitchen

With different kitchen appliances brands promising to be the best in the lot, it becomes quite challenging to choose the most perfect for your lovely kitchen. Not all homes have the same requirements, and not all kitchens speak the same story. So, before you indulge in choosing the right kitchenware for the most important corner of your home, know the pros and cons of your kitchen and choose accordingly. The kitchen matter’s size and structure while choosing and keep in mind what kind of food your kitchen produces.

Chimneys are majorly categorized into ducted and ductless chimneys. A ducted chimney sucks in the air, loaded with grease, dirt, and smoke. It then traps all the harmful particles in the air while releasing the heavily corrupted air out of the kitchen through a PVC pipe. While ductless chimneys suck all those alright but release, the purified air inside the kitchen results in retaining the kitchen’s heat and moisture. Thus, a ducted chimney is much more effective in comparison.

What are the few types of chimneys? 

Based on their structures, the various chimney types are –

  • Wall-mounted chimneys

It’s fixed on the wall, and the hood comes in pyramidal shapes or a sleek straight line.

  • Built-in chimneys 

Fixed on the wall and integrated within the fixtures of the kitchen. Appropriate for a small kitchen as it helps in saving space.

  • Island chimney 

Placed above the cooktop of a cooking island, at least 6 inches wider than the others and is adjusted from the faux ceiling.

What are the various types of Chimney filters? 

The most important part of a chimney is its filter. The more effective the filter, the more efficient is the chimney as a whole. There are three types of them.

  • Cassette filter

It consists of layers of metallic mesh, which is responsible for the suction of grease and grime. It may prove to be challenging to clean.

  • Baffle filter

This chimney fitter is made up of layers of stainless steel and aluminum that overlaps each other and changes the direction of the airflow. It is best suited for the Indian kitchen. Despite the presence of a large amount of grease, the suction is unaffected.

  • Carbon filter

The charcoal filter in it absorbs the smoke, odor, and other harmful gases. It is used in a ductless filter that circulates the purified air back into the kitchen.

  • Chimney finishes 

The kitchen chimneys have an outer covering of stainless steel. They are available in the market in varieties of shapes and colors. For a classier look, go for the glass top chimneys that are not only elegant but are easy to clean, too.

Hope the blog is of help to you when you finally decide to buy a kitchen chimney.

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