Factors to consider when choosing The Best Kitchen Chimney for your home

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Like every little building block makes for a sturdy home, how you choose to set up within the four walls of your home makes for a smart investment in the long run. A kitchen chimney is an appliance that is no more a luxury but a complete necessity, just like choosing the correct hob or refrigerator. It’s useful for clean air, eliminating smoke and harmful fumes, and also keeps the kitchen clean by soaking up the oil particles that are characteristic of desi cooking. Also, choosing a sleek and chic chimney from a top kitchen chimney brand lends to a degree to style to your home.

For when it comes to the kitchen and its appliances, one has to be smart and make a calculative move in choosing simply the best for their home.

After all, how time-consuming would be choosing appliances that get spoilt and ask for constant repairs!

While choosing the best kitchen chimney here are the top 5 things to keep in mind:


  1. Type of Mount

    This takes into consideration the structure of your kitchen and the space available around the hob. There are two types of mount- Wall Mount and Ceiling Mount. Wall Mount is attached to the wall and above the stove, which placed near the wall. Ceiling Mount is suspended from the ceiling and hangs directly above the kitchen island, typically found in bigger kitchens.

  2. Air Suction Capacity

    How well a kitchen chimney can absorb smoke, fumes, oil and bad odour determines its air suction capacity. Once one has chosen the correct size of the chimney (determined by the size of the kitchen) select a chimney with a wide hose that is functional in recycling the air effectively.

  3. Type of Filter

    There are three types of filters in the modern chimney- Baffle Filter, Cassette Filter, and Charcoal Filter. For Indian kitchens, the Baffle filter performs best because it effectually removes the oil and spice particles from the air and maintains optimum suction power. A Cassette filter is characterized by the tiny holes in its aluminum mesh that traps particles and purifies the air. A Charcoal filter has a layer of charcoal that helps remove odours and can be used with both Baffle and Cassette filters.

  4. Size of Chimney

    When deciding what size of the chimney is required for your kitchen, you need to compare it with the size of your stove and also take into consideration the size of the kitchen. The chimney should be slightly larger than the stove to perform best. For effectiveness, Propello has chimneys in sizes 60cm, 75cm, and 90cm.

  5. Additional Features for Comfort

    One can’t overlook the necessity of added features when selecting the chimney because this helps increase the comfort factor when used. Factors ranging from buttons and lighting, how much noise the chimney makes, after-sales service provided are no less important when buying from a trusted brand, be it an affordable kitchen chimney or an advanced kitchen chimney.

If you are looking to purchase a kitchen chimney in Kolkata or India, get it to touch with Propello on our Toll-Free No. 1800 121 0600. You can also check out our range of chimneys are the features and services offered on www.propello.in

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