How to buy the best chimney for the kitchen?

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Electric chimneys play an important role in extracting the cooking fumes & smell out of the kitchen and creating a healthy and clean home. Not only do chimneys remove odours, but they also prevent grease and steam from sticking to walls & cabinets, making your kitchen easier to maintain and more pleasant to spend time in. Chimneys are indeed a very worthwhile investment kitchen chimney.

Read on to find out about the key features to look out for when you buy a kitchen chimney online

  • Mount style:

To start with, you’ll need to decide what type of chimney hood you want. The size of cooktop, location of cooktop and kitchen layout helps in the correct chimney selection. There are several types of mount types such as a wall-mounted hood, island hood and inclined hood. For instance, if you have an island kitchen, the hood is fitted over a cooktop where the vent is connected to the ceiling. Our in-house experts can help you find the best-suited mount style for your home.

  • Suction capacity or extraction rate:

When choosing a chimney, suction capacity is an important factor to consider. Generally, the suction capacity of chimneys can vary from 700m3/hr to 1800 m3/hr. Well, what exactly do these numbers mean? A suction capacity is the rate at which the motor of the chimney removes the fumes. The size of the chimney and its suction capacity depends on the size of the cooktop and the kitchen. For small kitchens, the ideal range should be 700m3/hr to 1000 m3/hr. However, if you cook deep fry more frequently, you should go for a chimney with a higher suction capacity.

  • Dry auto clean technology:

Chimneys come with filters that capture grease and oil as they rise from the cooktop, preventing them from settling on kitchen surfaces. To keep these filters working efficiently, you have to regularly clean them. However, if you don’t like getting your hands dirty, opt for advanced models that come with dry auto-clean technology. Thanks to this advanced technology, all the grease and oil get collected in a detachable cup that just needs to be removed, emptied and placed back into its place. Depending upon the usage, the cup needs to be washed once a month. All our chimneys come with auto clean technology that facilitates low maintenance.

  • Controls:

For ease of operations, go for a chimney that comes with controls that you are comfortable with. Our chimneys come with — push buttons, touch control panels and touch control panels with wave technology. Our control panels not just give you easy access to speed settings, they are also easy to clean. Our wave technology allows you to operate the chimney without even touching it. Just a wave of hand is enough to operate it.

  • Extraction speed:

This is the speed at which an electric chimney extract the cooking smoke. Most electric chimneys come with two to three-speed settings, ranging from a gentle speed for boiling to an intense speed that will quickly clean smells of deep-frying. Our chimneys come with three-speed settings so that you can adjust the suction speed as per what you are cooking.

  • Illumination:

Chimneys with lights help you to see better as you cook. Our chimneys come with LED lamps that last longer than traditional incandescent lamps. They come in quick-release light casings which make it easy to change them when required.

Buy the best chimney for your kitchen from the experts 

Looking for the best chimney for your kitchen? Explore our wide range of kitchen chimneys that are known for their superior design and affordability. With our annual maintenance service, you don’t have to worry about the upkeep of your chimney.

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