Kitchen chimney auto clean

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Kitchen chimney auto clean

Chimneys are an important part of any kitchen. Chimneys are used to smoke and roast foods. The heat generated from the chimney maintains a certain temperature in the oven. A good chimney ensures that the food is properly cooked. Chimney brands are also important for efficient cooking. Some chimneys are designed to fit in specific types of kitchens, while some other chimneys can be fitted in any type of kitchen. You should always choose the best chimney brand for your kitchen. Chimney brands are not easily available everywhere, so if you want to buy the best one for your kitchen, then you should definitely visit Propello Innovations Private Limited.

From many chimney brands, one is Queen+. Queen+ is the best-in-class kitchen chimney on the market. With state-of-the-art technology and contemporary design aesthetics, it’s the touch of royalty that your kitchen deserves.

Queen Plus is available in both 25″ and 30″ sizes, perfect for your kitchen’s needs. It comes with a baffle filter with dry auto-clean technology, which not only keeps your chimney clean but makes it easy to clean. MS metallic coated body enhances the whole look of your kitchen as well. This kitchen chimney is available in black, white, stainless steel, and copper colors.

The Queen Plus Kitchen Chimney is the best-in-class option for your kitchen chimney cleaning needs. This chimney has heat conductors which heat the internal surface of the chimney to melt the grease and grime with ease, a feature that isn’t available in any other brand.

The melted grease and grime are then collected in the oil collector and hot air is flushed out at the end of the process. The stainless steel body also makes this chimney durable as compared to other brands. The Queen Plus Kitchen Chimney also saves you money on energy bills since it doesn’t require fuel to function!

If you’ve ever tried to clean a chimney or two, then you know how much of a hassle it can be. You’re going to need to lug up the cumbersome supplies, take time out of your busy day to clean your chimney, and then repeat the whole process again next month. It’s tedious enough that many people decide to just live with a dirty chimney rather than make the effort. With Queen Plus, however, cleaning your chimney has never been easier!

Using advanced technology and superior engineering, Queen Plus makes use of Dry Auto Clean Technology which heats up the internal surface of the chimney in order to melt away both soot/grease and any other grime that has settled inside. This means that you’ll have a cleaner chimney in one third the amount of time it would take otherwise.

If you’re looking for a kitchen chimney that has it all, look no further than Queen Plus. This model is made from high-quality materials and boasts an extensive list of features. The stainless steel oil-collector won’t require replacement like some other models, ensuring the longevity of your chimney. The wide flue size makes it easy to install in any home, even older ones. And the retractable damper will make cleanup a breeze (since you don’t have to open it all the way to clean).

What are you waiting for? Buy now!

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