Is auto clean chimney a better option?

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Until a few years back, auto clean chimney chimneys in Indian middle-class kitchens were a rarity. It was hard imagining them adorning the grease-stained ceiling of a standard Indian kitchen. They were considered luxurious and glamourous items for modular kitchens. But times have changed and how! People are now aware of the utility of these kitchen chimneys. Thus, there has been a significant growth in the demand for chimneys in big metropolitans as well as in smaller towns. In the midst of various options for traditional kitchen chimneys, the auto clean types are now all the rage due to their latest technology in saving time and effort. Let’s delve more into this.

What is auto clean kitchen chimney?

Auto clean chimneys come with Aluminum non-stick turbine blower that helps in passing of cooking fumes. Centrifugal forces moves oil particles towards blower wall.  These get collected in easily removable and washable collector/bowls. You just need is to press “auto clean” control button when you cook.

Why auto clean chimney is important?

Auto clean chimney is the latest entrant to the increasing variety of chimneys that have flooded the market. So how’s it any different? The basic function of a chimney is well-known. It vents out smoke, soot, moisture, grease-filled air and other particulate matter, providing clean, pollution-free air.

Cleaning up the chimney is a mammoth task. Moreover, you cannot overlook this. The chimney’s performance and longevity would deteriorate if not cleaned up properly. The new auto clean features have minimized the filter cleaning effort. Therefore, the maintenance becomes easy. The heat auto clean technology makes it extremely convenient in cleaning the chimney. Since oil deposits do not clog the interior of the chimney, its suction power and overall performance remains intact. Therefore, its lifespan increases to a great extent. Cleaning the oil collector in auto clean chimneys is hassle-free, without requiring any manual intervention.

Propello highly recommends auto clean chimneys for the Indian kitchen. The Indian kitchens cook dishes with an abundance of spices and oil.

How does auto clean chimney work?

In auto clean technology, the centrifugal forces compel the oil particles to move towards the blower wall. Them oil particles are collected in detachable oil collectors. You do not require any extra effort. Just once a month, empty the oil collector and lightly wash the filters. Contrast this with traditional chimneys without auto clean feature where you have to put in tremendous effort to wash the highly clogged filters at least twice a month.

A quick glance on some of our best auto clean models!

Being one of the top chimney brands in Eastern India, Propello chimneys are marketed with world-class auto clean technology. Products such as Propello Esteam is based on water-based auto clean technology, but now it’s increasingly shifting towards heat or thermal auto clean technology.

Dazzle, another Propello favorite, stays true to its name, dazzling customers with the efficient use of heat auto clean technology where oil deposits melt and drain into the oil collector. Besides these, Propello is now focusing on auto clean models like Glider and Elegante. Also, auto clean models like Classic + measures 75 cms and comes with decorative hood design which makes it unique amongst the other brands available in the market.

Though auto clean chimneys are relatively new in the market than traditional domestic chimneys, their undisturbed performance and easy maintenance makes it a preferred choice of customers over the later.

Brand, Propello, evokes a feeling of trust and reliability among customers. Propello chimneys, represent our unwavering dedication to market products that stand for style, elegance, superior performance and high efficiency.

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