How To Select The Best Chimney For Indian Kitchen?

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How To Select The Best Chimney For Indian Kitchen?

kitchen chimney Whether your kitchen is old or new, a chimney is essential to keep your kitchen clean and fresh. Indian cooking involves the use of oil and spices. This can lead to a lot of smoke that can make your house smelly and tiles dirty. Chimneys effectively remove cooking odour and suck grease and oil, leaving your kitchen clean and tidy. With so many types of chimneys available in the market, choosing one can be a tad difficult. But do not worry as we have got you covered. As one of the leading chimney manufacturers, we share with you tips to buy a chimney for an Indian kitchen:  


What to look for when buying the best chimney for Indian kitchen?


  • Size of the chimney


    : Choose a chimney depending upon the size of your stove. Buy a chimney of 60 cm if you have a small gas stove with two burners. However, if you have a stove that has three or more burners, it is recommended to go for a 90 cm chimney. The thumb rule is that you choose a chimney slightly larger than the gas stove so that the smoke does not escape. 


  • Suction capacity:


    It refers to the capacity of the motor to extract smoke and odour. The suction capacity is measured in cubic meters per hour. You should choose the suction capacity based on your cooking habits and the size of your kitchen. For instance, a small kitchen may require a chimney with a low suction capacity. However, if you deep fry and barbeque a lot, you will need a chimney with high suction capacity. 

Note: To determine the rate of extraction needed, measure the width, height, and depth of your kitchen space. Find out the volume of the kitchen by multiplying all three numbers together. After getting the volume, multiply that number by 10. The final result will be the rate of extraction needed for your kitchen space.


  • Hood type:


    There are a variety of designs and styles of chimney hoods. While choosing the best chimney for the Indian kitchen, consider the functionality as well as the style of the hood. Different types of hoods include wall-mounted hoods, island hoods and cabinet insert hoods. The type of hood that is suitable for your kitchen depends on the layout. For instance, if the gas stove in your kitchen is kept against the wall, a wall-mounted chimney will be ideal in that case.  


  • Filter type:


    Chimney filter types can be classified into three categories: Baffle, Mesh and Carbon filters. Most chimneys have baffle filters because they are durable and easy to maintain. Carbon filters are made up of charcoal slate with holes inside them. The durability of carbon filters is less as compared to other chimney filters. Mesh filters are made of multiple layers of metal mesh to trap solid particles and channels out the smoke. Although it is less expensive as compared to the other two filters, it needs high maintenance. 


  • Easy cleaning:


    Some of the best chimneys for Indian kitchens come with dry auto-clean technology. Our dry auto-clean technology chimneys ensure that all oil particles get collected in a different oil collector. You can effortlessly clean the oil collector with a basic wash.


  • Easy to operate:


    When selecting a kitchen chimney, look for the one that provides ease of operation. Some of our chimneys come with touch panels and wave control. With wave control technology, you can simply operate the appliance with a wave of the hand. This feature is very useful when your hands are soiled. 


  • In-built lamps:


    Lamps in a chimney are both functional and decorative. Our select chimneys come with in-built LED lights, offering adequate light over the cooking area. 

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