How to maintain your kitchen chimney in the best possible way?

24th Feb admin

Nowadays, having a kitchen with the newest features is the best way to survive. In every household, most people work and this also requires the need to cook and clean in a quicker manner.

With the increasing wages of domestic helps, it also becomes a painstaking task to employ anyone else to do household chores as a whole. Hence, being independent and doing all household chores by yourself is the only way in which you can endure in the current scenario.

At Propello, we opine that to make your kitchen and cooking experience better, it is very important to have a clean environment during and after you are done with your dishes. Hence, installing kitchen chimneys from the best brands in India is extremely essential.

Most of our Indian dishes contain a considerable amount of oil and spices which always have a lot of fumes released, that make sticky and greasy emissions getting stuck in the chimney itself. Therefore, the foremost priority in the kitchen is to take care of the kitchen chimney.

Hiring an experienced professional can be one of the easy but costlier ways of maintaining a kitchen chimney. If you are looking to learn the ways to maintain a kitchen chimney by yourself in the best and easiest possible means, read on below.

Using the simplest of stuffs to clean kitchen chimney filters & fans

When you think of cleaning kitchen chimneys easily, you can always make use of natural ingredients like detergent, hot water, baking soda, caustic soda, kerosene and vinegar. These are mostly all-purpose cleaning agents and using them for cleaning chimney filters and fans will unblock the grease and oil stains and deposits present on them without causing any harm.

Using the kitchen chimney on a regular basis

At Propello, being the manufacturers of superior designed and technologically advanced kitchen chimneys, we think that one of the most significant methods by which every kitchen chimney can be maintained is its regular usage. We all know that if not used on a regular basis, optimum performance of a machine might get affected. In a similar manner, cooking while using the chimney regularly will also help in keeping the chimney up and running.

Running regular professional checks

Maintenance comes with one of the most important aspects, which includes running professional checks on the kitchen chimney. The kitchen chimney does classify as a machine after all and professional checks are a necessity to maintain the safety and cleanliness of the machine as a whole.

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