How to choose the perfect Kitchen Chimney for your Kitchen?

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How to choose the perfect Kitchen Chimney for your Kitchen?

Chimney is one of the most important kitchen appliance. For instance, it absorbs smoke and fumes and keeps it clean and oil free. Moreover, along with their basic functionality of maintaining the kitchen cleanliness, Propello Kitchen Chimneys also add the style quotient to your modular kitchen. Here, we’re providing you with some basic tips while you’re going for buying  kitchen chimney. Therefore, some fundamental points to keep in mind are – suction power, chimney filter, cleaning technology, chimney size and chimney design.

Let us get into the details of each one.

  • Different types of Kitchen Filters Available:

  1. Cassette filter

A cassette filter is made up of aluminium mesh. Oil particles get stuck on to this mesh thus affecting the chimney’s suction power. This type of chimney needs frequent cleaning – say once in a week for an optimum performance. The best way to wash a cassette filter is to soak them in detergent water and for better results you can scrub it too.

         2. Baffle filter (Most suitable for Indian Kitchen)

It is truly the best for an Indian Kitchen, since it is full of masala food. A baffle is a flow control panel. When smoke passes through this baffle filter, its curve changes the direction of the smoke air as a result of which grease and smoke particles are deposited at the bottom. Its suction power remains largely unaffected. It needs very less cleaning, say once in 3 months. A baffle filter is known for its longevity.

         3. Carbon Filter:

Carbon Filter is mainly used for its odor absorption property. A carbon filter assists a baffle filter or cassette filter. It needs replacement in as much as 6 months.

  • Different types Kitchen Chimneys Available:

The different types of chimneys available in the market are:
  1. Wall Mounted Chimney:
Here the hood remains attached to the wall. And the hob is also placed adjacent to the wall.
        2. Island Chimney
Here the chimney hangs from the ceiling and both the hob and chimney are located in the middle of the kitchen and not adjacent to the wall.
         3. Built – in Chimneys
Chimneys are integrated inside the furniture against the wall.
         4. Corner Chimneys
Chimneys along with hobs are located in the kitchen corner.
  • Size of the Kitchen Chimney

There is a fundamental way to decide the size of the kitchen chimney. As per the rule, the size of a kitchen chimney can never be less than the size of the hob. The size of the kitchen chimney should be equal to or greater than the hob’s size.
  • Different types of Chimneys according to the Cleaning Methods

  1. Auto Clean Chimney
These chimneys come with a blower inside the chimney which helps move the smoke particles towards the chimney’s wall. These oil particles melt and get collected inside the oil collector which needs cleaning on a regular basis. Overall the chimney’s life gets increased as it requires lesser cleaning.
        2. Normal Chimney
These chimneys require much frequent cleaning. They have a lesser life. It requires too much effort while cleaning as the filter gets clogged with oil particles.
  • Kitchen Chimney with or without Duct

A Kitchen Chimney with duct does not release the filtered kitchen smoke inside the kitchen. On the other hand, a ductless kitchen chimney release filtered smoke into the kitchen itself. A chimney with duct becomes expensive as lengthy ducting increases the overhead costs.
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