Features of the New Propello Cruze Model

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Features of the New Propello Cruze Model

The use of kitchen chimney is becoming primary in today’s world. The reason behind this is the toxicity caused by the heat produced by the burning fuels or LPG. Therefore, it is essential to install the right quality kitchen chimneys. The best one is none other than the Propello Cruze Model.

The Intelligent Technology of kitchen chimney highly is recommended by Propello to keep the kitchen free from oil, smoke, and dirt so that it can be breathed in the fresh air.

Know the Basic Features of a Propello Cruze Kitchen Chimney

  • Intelligent technology kitchen chimney:

Opt for their intelligent technology kitchen chimney backed by the modern artificial intelligence system. It gives you the auto clean technology that provides you with a hassle-free self-cleaning facility and keeps your kitchen smoke and oil-free while cooking.

  • Flat glass panel:

It makes the clean process relatively easy. Propello provides a flat glass panel so that you can easily clean the outer surface area, and your kitchen is squeaky clean again. Some chimneys come with a metal surface, and thus when they encounter grease and grime daily may be difficult to clean.

  • Wave technology: 

With this technology, you can have a touchless control on your kitchen chimney. Well, smarter than your smartphone.

  • Best in class suction power: 

Look for a chimney with 1800 m3/hr, suction power. The primary function of a chimney is its suction power.

  • Wide angles for instant smoke collection:

You need a larger surface area to collect the smoke. They have best in class suction power, which is about 1800 m3/hr, along with wide angles generally required for instant smoke collection.

  • Water-proof, oil-proof & anti-rust coated motor:

Most chimney motors break down due to the accumulation of water and oil droplets and encounter rust. A water-proof motor is required for a long-lasting chimney.

  • Heat auto clean technology: 

This technology uses the heat generated while cooking to eliminate the greasy dirt particles accumulated inside the chimney and collect those on a side collecting chamber, hence, increasing the cleaning efficiency.

All these features are added with the Propello Cruze Model kitchen chimney that is very much required from pollution. Thus, Propello is here to solve all types of problems, especially women customers’ face while cooking. After ordering their product, they ensure every way to give customers a satisfying smile on their faces.

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