Buyer’s Guide to the Best Indian Kitchen Chimneys

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Buyer’s Guide to the Best Indian Kitchen Chimneys

A kitchen chimney becomes necessary when you live in your own home, and cooking takes more effort than simply popping the bread in the oven. All kitchens, no matter how modular, require kitchen chimneys.

Our Top Picks


Best Overall –

This GLEN chimney has a 4.3 rating on online shops. It boasts impressive features such as touch control, auto-clean, and a filterless mechanism.

Best Budget –

The retail price is Rs. This chimney retails at Rs. 9,490 and is very affordable. It also features touch control and auto-clean. This item is perfect for your home because of its dimensions.

Best Noise Control –

The best overall product is already this chimney model. Its low sound and other unique features make it an excellent fit for homes.

Best Motion Detection –

This chimney is the most motion-detection-friendly of all the ducts and has many other impressive features that will suit every user’s needs.

Find Out More About The Best Chimneys in India

A chimney is essential in any household, especially if you live with family members, and meal preparation is more involved than simply toasting bread in the toaster. A chimney is essential for safety and hygiene reasons. There are many options on the market, each with a different design and functionality. This will allow you to choose the one that suits your needs and budget. This list does not include any other brands or models.

10 Best Chimney Models

These are our top ten picks to find the best Chimneys in India. Each model has been listed with its pros and cons.

Faber 60 cm 1200 m3/hr Curved Glass, Autoclean Chimney –

Faber Chimney is available in black color. It has touch control and auto-clean features. This chimney measures 48x60x60 cm and can be used in medium- to large-sized stoves (2-4 Burner stoves). The chimney emits a very low noise level, just 58 dB. The model is 12 Kg in weight and can suction 1200 m3/hr. The chimney’s filter surface is 52 x 30 cm2 and is suitable for 100 to 200-square-feet kitchens.

Elica 60 cm 1200 m3/hr Filterless Auto Clean Chimney –

This motion sensor-controlled, auto-cleaning chimney is available in black. It retails at Rs. Indian customers can purchase the chimney for Rs. 10,999. It measures 60×41.2×44.2 cm and weighs only 10.1 Kg. Elica Chimney uses filters and less technology to ensure powerful suction. It also draws in unhealthy smoke, oily fumes, and other harmful substances that help keep your kitchen smoke-free. It produces a low level of noise (58 dB) during operation.

Eurodomo 60cm 1200m3/hr Autoclean curved glass Kitchen Chimney

 It weighs just 10 kg and produces a low sound level of 58 decibels. It has touch control and auto-clean features. The product’s operational voltage is 180 watts. The curved glass body is suitable for a stove with a maximum of 2 burners. The filter area measures 52 x 30 cm2. Indian kitchens can use the baffle filter found in the chimney.

Whirlpool 60cm 1100m3/HR Autoclean Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney

This chimney is available in black and measures 60×48.09×47.09cm. It weighs 11.95 Kg, emits a low sound level of up to 58dB, and can be ordered in either black or white. This chimney can be used with 2-4 burners and has a suction capability of 1100 m3/hr. It is also suitable for larger kitchens of over 200 square feet.

BLOWOUT 60 Cms Ariel Chimney –

This chimney is available in black on the Indian market. It measures 66x23x54 cm and produces low operating noise of 59dB. The vent also comes with a baffle filter to keep the smoke from entering the kitchen and directing it to the outlet. Two LED lamps are also embedded in the chimney to aid nighttime cooking. This chimney is suitable for cooking on a stovetop with a range of 2 to 4 burners. The chimney also has push control and auto cleaning. It is incredibly light at 7 kg.

These are our criteria for choosing the best chimneys in India

Compiling this list of the top Chimneys was tedious and time-consuming, mainly because it required extensive research. However, we were responsible for recommending the best products to you since you trusted us.

If you’re wondering how we selected the top ten Chimneys, here’s what it took:

Specifications and Features

Our research began with a thorough review of all available chimney models on the market. We then analyzed each model based on its latest specifications and features. We narrowed down a few of the many options. We chose ten possibilities that were the perfect combination of design, budget, functionality, and design from these many.

Customer Reviews and Complaints

Criticism is the best tool for learning. Therefore, we carefully reviewed customer complaints and reviews on different shopping platforms. To get honest feedback, we also looked at youtube reviews. Finally, we decided to choose products with the most positive features and a few negative points.


We believe that a warranty is significant in the long-term maintenance of products. Therefore, we chose products with a reasonable warranty period to ensure that you don’t have to worry about spending a lot on maintenance.

The bottom line

We hope you find the proper chimney for your family using this propello list. This unbiased list has been carefully curated after extensive product analysis, deep research, and comparison. If you decide to buy one of these chimneys, check the specifications to ensure that you are an informed buyer.





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