Simple Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Grease Free: A Short Study

21st Jan admin

Smoke and gases present in the air inside the kitchen makes it contaminated and toxic. Not just that, steam along grease and unwanted odours also cause tremendous hazards. The indoor air of poorly ventilated kitchen has high chances of becoming unhealthy especially for breathing. So, here’s presenting to you the solution – the best kitchen chimneys.

This might be hazardous and cause damage to the respiratory system. Since a lot of time is spending in the kitchen it is essential to maintain proper hygiene and smoke free ambience. In this particular article we will discuss some key tips that allow you to get an understanding on how to make your kitchen smoke free. Obviously installing the best kitchen chimney is an option but there are few other areas that needs to taken into consideration.

1. Cleansing The Kitchen Hood

  • Cleansing the grease range hood is an onerous task.
  • If you are aware of the technicality, the range hood is a large fan housed in a particular structure suspended right over the stove.
  • Generally it pulls all the remaining fumes from the top of the stove.
  • The overall mixture of using cooking oil along with particles and fumes from the food can get trapped in the hood.
  • Over the time it accumulates grease. If you witness that lights & buttons are not working in tandem then there might be some problem.
  • If the motor keeps on humming or emits louder sound then it needs to get addressed in a quick manner.
  • After cleaning the grease dissolves and one needs to keep it exposed so that it dries up in quicktime.
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2. Inspecting The Microwave

It is time that you inspect the microwave closely. If you believe microwaves are yellow in colour instead of white then it needs to be addressed with immediate effect. It does not matter if you are build-in- or a countertop there are quite a few options that are available to clean the microwave. Try and apply lemon juice as it is one of the simplest processes to clean up the microwave. Just place a cut lemon in the cut water and do the needful.

If you are not being able to perform the task all by your own, get in touch with kitchen chimney dealers in Kolkata. They will take up the onus of sending a professional at your place. The professionals will take care of the entire cleaning task.

3. Cleaning the wooden panels

Grease can get accumulated in the wooden panels. It makes the sheen get a dull texture and decreases the quality of the aesthetic appeal in the kitchen. You need have numerous cleaning clothes along with mineral oils, white vinegar and measuring cup. All you can do is add up one-fourth of vinegar and half cup mineral oil in a spray bottle. Shake well and spray the mixture all over the panels and rinse with the cloth.

Here in this article we have discussed 3 key areas that are ideal to make your kitchen grease free. We request you to purchase the best brand in kitchen chimney so that the grease emission will be less and you need to spend less in the mere future.

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