All You Need to Know About Auto Clean Chimneys

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All You Need to Know About Auto Clean Chimneys

Clean your chimneys automatically! It’s all in the name. These hoods are easy to clean since they have an auto-cleaning function.


Chimneys keep your kitchen odor- and smoke-free. For a better function, most hoods need to be cleaned regularly. This is a tedious job that many people prefer to avoid. There are many auto-clean chimney manufacturers on the market. However, you should read this guide if you want to purchase one.


A machine with an auto-clean chimney can be used to save time. The heating elements in the motor’s housing will melt any accumulated grease or grime and drip it into an oil collector tray/cup.

Kitchen Chimney

What’s an auto-clean chimney? They are easier to maintain than other hoods. This chimney has an oil collector tray or cup that collects oil particles during cooking. These chimneys have a longer life expectancy because the oil doesn’t stick to the filters and internal parts.


Why clean your chimney with an auto clean?

Appliances can be a great asset when it comes down to ease and reducing effort. Auto-clean chimneys are better than European Chimneys with a Baffle filter because one can heat clean the housing to clean oil deposits. The European ducts have a baffle filter that intercepts oil. This keeps the hood clean and prevents it from getting clogged up again. Auto clean chimney oil sticks to the housing and fan, which is then collected in an oil cup.

Top brand for Auto Clean Chimneys in India

Glen India has been selling Chimneys in India for more than 20 years. They offer a variety of Chimneys with European filter technology and Heat Auto Clean Technologies in different styles and designs. Customers can make their own decisions. If there is high oil consumption, they should choose an auto clean chimney. However, if the oil consumption is low, it is okay to go for European exhaust mode chimneys.


The Benefits of an Auto Clean Chimney


  • Cost Effectiveness

 An auto-clean vent has filters that trap oil particles, reducing the chances of clogging and enhancing the blower’s functionality without using too much power. This reduces the chance of clogging and saves money on regular maintenance and repair.


  • Lower Maintenance

Traditional chimneys use a blower but do not have a filter to trap oil particles. Oil particles can get trapped on the blower, clogging it. The blower will only work if it is cleaned regularly. This can cause damage to the chimney’s functionality. An auto-clean vent is equipped with oil filters to reduce the chance of clogging. You only need to clean the filters every other day, and that’s it. The blower won’t fail quickly, requiring little to no maintenance.


  • Higher Suction Power

Old chimneys have lower suction power than automatic clean chimneys. The automatic clean ducts have more powerful blowers that can take in hot gasses and work quieter than the old ones. You can cook all you like, even heavy-duty, such as deep-frying or grilling, and not worry about hot gasses and smoke in the kitchen. This is entirely different from the old chimney, where heavy-duty cooking can be done without worrying about your kitchen filling with grease and hot fumes.


  • It’s easier to clean.

Non-automatic chimneys only have a duct with a blower that traps hot gasses and oil particles. The oil particles can build up over time, making it difficult to clean the blower. However, oil particles from the auto-clean chimneys get trapped in the filters. Cleaning this area requires removing the filters, washing them in the dishwasher, and then placing them back once they dry.


  • Extended life span

High suction power means the auto-clean chimney is highly efficient at sucking hot gasses and oil particles. The blower is equipped with filters to trap oil particles and reduce the chance of grease clogging. The auto clean chimney will last longer than an old chimney if you follow the recommendations.


Newer, more intelligent chimneys have been introduced with tougher exteriors and cutting-edge technology filters. These products are not only the most efficient at sucking up smoke and fumes, keeping your kitchen clean and sanitary, but they are also very simple to use and manage. Propello chimneys make it a priority to keep your kitchen shining.

Elite is one of our most promising new models. It features state-of-the-art technology like a Teflon-coated Filter with Oil Collector and Dry Auto Clean Technology, as well as a stunning Wooden-finish Glass body.


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