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Classic + is a sturdy kitchen chimney that looks stunning even after prolonged use. Stubborn grime stands no chance against Classic + and its modern oil-collector with dry auto-clean technology ensures that you always walk into a sparkling clean kitchen.

Classic+’s stainless steel body not only makes the chimney look fascinating but also makes sure that it lasts as long as it gets. Its wave function and dry auto clean technologies make it one of the most capable chimneys in the market. 

Lifetime Motor Warranty

Easy EMI Option

24*7 Customer Care

THREE-SPEED technology

There are three speed options available for regulating the suction power of the chimney. More speed is required for the suction of more smoke and less speed for less smoke.


The LED light fitted to the chimney is for proper illumimation so that while cooking the food the user faces no inconvenience in the process.

DRY AUTO CLEAN technology

Chimneys with this technology have heat conductors which heat up the internal surface of the chimney to melt the grease and grime with ease. The melted grime is then collected in the oil collector and the hot fumes are removed by flushing out the hot air at the end of the process.


The stainless steel oil-collector is for ensuring longer life of the collector and does not require replacement.

WAVE CONTROL technology

This feature allows the user to control the chimney with just a flick of their hand. Whether you are trying to control the speed or turn on the light, all you need is just hand movement.


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