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Iron Removal Water Filters in Kolkata – From The Manufacturers

Welcome to Propello branded iron guards and iron water filters supplied across Kolkata and India. Some of our systems, which are media based, are sold in Kolkata only, where we also offer optional paid installation. For the rest, they can be done by any professional plumber, and are shipped across India, whether it is Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, or Kerala, including North East India like Guwahati.

Our systems are easy to install and maintain, and their prices are the best as they can get, for we manufacture them ourselves. We do not have dealers anywhere in India as we follow the web-only model, to keep our prices low.

We have systems suited to every purpose. For example, we can supply iron guards to your existing drinking water filter like Kent® or Aquaguard®, we can give your faucet or tap mouth bathing water filter whose water you can use to bathe or wash, a kitchen faucet filter to wash your vegetables, and to cook your food, or an iron water filter for your washing machine or dishwasher.

We also make large systems, like an entire home iron water purifier, or an entire bathroom iron removal filter, or even an entire housing complex iron filter. Scroll down to discover our solutions. Please feel free to drop us a mail by clicking on “contact us,” at the menu on the top of the page.

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Iron Guard for Water Tank

Consider installing an iron guard for your entire overhead tank, which offers 5-micron filtration and can be installed on the main water line leading to the overhead tank. It is easy to install and can be done by any professional plumber:

Please note that this system is large and heavy but is wall-mounted to save space. It consists of three JUMBO housings, each fitted with proprietary media and catalysts that work in real-time to purify your water for daily use. The system has a 1-inch input and output. It can also be fixed to the exit of a domestic water pump.

The first cartridge, where the water enters, contains a catalyst that does not need to be changed but only requires periodic washing in plain water. The second media, granulated gas-activated carbon, removes all harmful chlorine and chloramines commonly found in bathing water and needs to be replaced every 6 to 8 months. The final cartridge offers 5-micron polishing to the water, making it crystal clear after the air inside it flows out with the water. Additionally, two shower filters are provided exclusively with this product, which can be fixed directly to your showerheads, making the water significantly healthier for bathing. Please note that you will not need to change any cartridge in the shower filters, and they can run for months without any maintenance. If there is a reduction in flow, you will only need to open it by hand and fit it back in reverse. They work perfectly for up to 45,000 liters or more, after which you may replace them. They can be purchased separately from https://propello.in/water-purifier

Iron Guard for Washing Machines, Dishwashers, etc

These guards are straightforward to attach and install, and you can do it yourself! Simply affix one of these to the input of your automatic washing machine or dishwasher, and you’ll receive clean, iron-free, chlorine-free water in your device. This will provide you with cleaner washes, consume less detergent, and protect your expensive machine.
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If you are based in Kolkata and are searching for an iron removal filter for your bathroom, we can offer you more options. Feel free to reach out to us via phone call at 1800 121 0600, or you can also contact us through the “contact us” link at the top by sending us an email.

Please be aware that we handle large-scale iron removal systems for housing complexes, health centers, etc., exclusively in Kolkata. For inquiries regarding iron removal plants in Kolkata and pricing details, please get in touch with us through phone call, SMS, or WhatsApp at 90380 57899, or you can also drop us an email using the “contact us” link at the top. Kindly provide us with details such as the number of flats, the type of water, and the water source (borewell or otherwise) in your message.

A water filter reduces water pollution by using a thin physical barrier, a chemical reaction, or a biological response to remove contaminants. For many uses, including agricultural irrigation, accessible drinking water, public and private aquariums, and the safe use of ponds and swimming pools, filters purify water to varying degrees. Media filters, screen filters, disc filters, quicksand filters, cloth filters, and biological filters like algae scrubbers are a few examples of several types of water filters.

Water filters for home water production throughout the 19th and 20th centuries were often separated into slow and quicksand filters (also called mechanical and American filters). Paisley, Scotland, is often regarded as the first city to get filtered water for a whole town, even though several small-scale water filtration systems were in place before 1800. The Paisley filter, a forerunner of the slow sand filter, started operating in 1804. Hundreds of slow sand filters were built throughout the 1800s in the UK and Europe. In Lawrence, Massachusetts, an intermittent slow sand filter was constructed and put into operation in 1893 due to ongoing typhoid outbreaks brought on by sewage pollution of the water supply.

Alkaline RO+ Splash

Splash Alkaline’s product gives water high in antioxidants and supports immunity. The ph of RO water is raised. It slows the signs of aging. It can remove color. It encourages water-containing antioxidants. It offers qualities that help with skin health, detoxification, and hydration. The body is 17% more hydrated by alkaline water than regular water. It facilitates weight loss. It has powerful anti-cancer abilities.

Karvy RO+

A product called Karvy ensures that every drop of water is clean, safe, and delicious. Removes all hazardous substances from the membrane and polishes the RO water to give it a glittering appearance. Biological pollutants, toxic metals, pesticides, and VOC are removed from the water, and excessive TDS is changed to balanced TDS.


Nectar uses Copper Technology to ensure the safety and well-being of you and your family by providing 100% clean drinking water. Removes biological contaminants, heavy metals, pesticides, and volatile organic compounds (VOC) from water and changes water with a high TDS to water with a balanced TDS.


With the certainty that each drop of water is clean, safe, and healthier than others, Spring is a digital product that provides cold and hot water. Biological pollutants, toxic metals, pesticides, and VOC are removed from the water, and excessive TDS is changed to balanced TDS.

Life Plus

Life Plus provides water rich in necessary minerals while preserving its nutritious value. Removes organic and chemical contaminants from water, including unpleasant odor, color, chlorine, and ammonia.

There is no disputing that the available water sources are severely strained due to the increasing water scarcity. Having a water filter at home is essential due to the ease with which most water sources may get polluted. When it comes to water filtration, Propello water filters perform incredibly well. The multi-stage filtering technology of a Propello cleaner keeps the necessary minerals in the water while also removing contaminants.

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