RO filter price in Kolkata

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RO filter price in Kolkata

Is RO filter good for health?

RO (Reverse Osmosis) water filters tap water by forcing it through a specialized membrane, preventing any harmful microorganisms from passing through the pores. The membrane also removes most of the unwanted chemicals and minerals, such as nitrates, arsenic, and lead. Although many of the minerals are removed in the process, this is not necessarily bad for health. The concentration of calcium and magnesium in filtered water is extremely low that it cannot be detected by any instrument.

Nitrates, if consumed in large amounts, can cause cancer or mental retardation. Children are more susceptible to nitrate poisoning than adults because they consume more water than adults on a body weight basis. Nitrate concentrations above 45 mg/L (maximum contaminant level) can affect your health and can lead to methemoglobinemia or blue baby syndrome in children under 6 months of age. In adults, nitrates at high levels can cause headaches and nausea but at lower levels it is still unclear how much effect nitrates have on human health.

Arsenic is another chemical that is removed from tap water by RO filters. Arsenic has been linked to skin lesions, cancers of the blood vessels, lungs and bladder and non-cancerous skin lesions.

RO or other water purifiers can remove nitrates from our tap water but that does not necessarily mean that it is bad for our health. The amount of nitrate removed is negligible, and most people are satisfied with the taste of RO water. In fact, there are many health benefits associated with drinking this type of water. First, it removes any trace of heavy metal and pollutants from the water. Second, it is free from germs that can be found in tap water. Lastly, it provides us with clean and pure drinking water which is essential for our health.

“The Guardian” published an article in 2011 about a study conducted by scientists on the effects of nitrates in drinking water on pregnant women and their children. Their research showed that nitrate exposure could cause negative effects such as pre-eclampsia and an increased chance of stillbirths among mothers. Furthermore, the babies who were exposed to nitrates had lower IQ levels than those who weren’t exposed at all. Nitrates have been linked to many different types of diseases because when they are ingested by humans, they convert into nitrites in the stomach and these can damage DNA molecules which may lead to various cancers.

What is the price of RO filter in Kolkata?

I am frequently asked to advise on which water purifier is best for home. In most cases, my recommendation is Propello. I can offer this recommendation with confidence because of the premium quality and reliability of Propello’s product line.

The first question to ask when buying a product is whether it is being sold by a reliable vendor. If a company loses your trust once, you will never buy from them again. I have done business with Propello for many years and trust their quality and service.

It’s important to consider that your water filter must be able to deliver clean water consistently over time to be worth the investment. A poor-quality filter won’t last as long as a good one, meaning that you’ll end up spending more money in the long run. The longer a filter lasts, the higher it’s value—and Propello has been offering dependable products for many years.

The other important factor is value—how much does the product cost compared to its value? This depends on both price and quality. Some companies are known to sell low-quality products at high prices, but Propello filters are affordable and high-quality, so you get the best value for your money.

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