Important Things to Keep in Mind While Buying a Water Purifier

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Important Things to Keep in Mind While Buying a Water Purifier

Water forms the most inevitable component of the human body. Almost 70% of the human body is made up of water. Being aware of this fact water being the most necessary component of our body, we must prioritize to drink safe, healthy, and purified water. Nowadays expecting safe drinking water from the municipal taps is worthless as howsoever purified the municipal water is they still contain many dissolved impurities which can be filtered by only the RO Water purifier. So acquaint yourself through a guide of the important things to keep in your mind while buying the Top Rated Water Purifier.

  • RO Water purifier Water quality

    This is one of the most important aspects you must consider while buying a water purifier.  The normal tap water in your house contains many dissolved salts like calcium, magnesium, lead, and even many other invisible bacteria. This is directly affecting your health and become a reason for various diseases. For such cases, RO Water purifiers are the best choice. According to WHO, the permissible limit of TDS in portable water must be between 50-120 PPM.  So, before installing ask the provider to visit your house and check the water quality of your tap and then accordingly decide which water purifier would be best suitable for your home.

  • Daily usage –

    Before buying a water purifier always look out for your family’s consumption capacity. There is numerous water purifier that has different filtering tank capacity. So bigger your family larger should be the purifier’s storage tank. If you have a large joint family, then definitely you would require a water purifier with a higher output so that it could work efficiently in filtering a large quantity of water.

  • Purification process and technology

    You must consider the technology and filtration process while buying a water purifier. Today in the market the Top Rated Water Purifier comes with three main purification technology.

  1. RO Water purifier RO-

    RO stands for Reverse Osmosis filtration technique that uses a semi-permeable membrane to remove metals, iron, and hardness of the water and removes the dissolved salts in water, and improves the taste of the water. However tasteless water is an important sign of purified water. This is controlled by the TDS technique

  2. UV–

    UV stands for Ultraviolet filtration process. This process ensures the killings of germs through Ultraviolet rays present in the water.

  3. Balance–

    This technique balances the Ph level in the water by making it alkaline and thus conducive for consumption.

  4. TDS Filtration process –

    TDS stands for Total Dissolved Salts. This process involves the removal of dissolved salts thereby improving the taste of water. Always remember pure water is always tasteless.

  5. UF filtration process –

    UF stands for Ultra Filtration. In this process, UF uses hydrostatic pressure against a semipermeable membrane to filter out bacteria and viruses.

  • Maintenance cost

    Every water purifier needs a yearly or quarterly maintenance service depending upon your consumption. It is very important that before buying a Water purifier always look out for the maintenance cost and then proceed ahead to buy it.

Opting for the Top Rated Water Purifier must be a top priority of every family.  Because a good water purifier will always ensure and protect you and your family from germs and harmful chemicals.  Therefore, plan out your need, your budget as per the above factors and make a one-time good investment in a purification system, because this will keep you and your family healthy and protected from various diseases.

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