What is TDS in Drinking Water?

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TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) refers to all the organic and inorganic elements dissolved in water. It comprises many dissolved particles, including calcium, sulfates, chloride, bicarbonate and magnesium. High levels of TDS not only change the taste of the water but also make it unfit for consumption. The best water purifiers are the best solution to bring down the TDS to acceptable levels. RO water purifiers do not completely remove TDS, but reduce the level of TDS to make it fit for consumption. You must know that not all levels of TDS in water are harmful.  


What are the sources of TDS in drinking water?

TDS can come from all kinds of sources. Natural water gets its TDS from soils and rocks. Sewage, water treatment chemicals, or industrial waste also increase the levels of TDS in water. 

What is the acceptable range of TDS in water?

The acceptable range of TDS in water is 300 mg/L according to WHO.  The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) fixes the upper limit of TDS in drinking water at 500 mg/l. 

How to check water TDS at home?

To check the TDS levels of your drinking water at home, you need a TDS meter. Dissolved solid increases the conductivity of water. The meter measures this conductivity and estimates the TDS in the water.

How to reduce TDS in water?

The most effective way to reduce TDS from your drinking water is by using a water purifier for home that comes with a TDS controller. 

Why is there a need for a TDS controller? 

Standard RO water purifiers reduce the TDS levels by 90 to 95%. However, as mentioned earlier, not all TDS are harmful. A TDS controller adjusts the level of TDS to acceptable levels.


Signs that your water has high TDS

  1. Bitter taste 
  2. Scale formation on utensils 


Looking for a water purifier for home?

Explore our wide range of water purifiers online. We, at Propello,  offer RO water purifiers that use a combination of latest technologies such as: 

  • Ultra Violet (UV): UV lamps with their disinfecting rays kill viruses and bacteria present in the water. 
  • Ultrafiltration: RO and UF technologies remove disease-causing microorganisms present in water. 
  • Alkaline enriching technology: This technology restores the pH balance of water. Alkaline water neutralises the acid in the body.  
  • Essential Minerals technology: It helps in the retention of essential minerals. 
  • Pre-carbon candle: It removes sediments, volatile organic compounds, and chlorine from the water
  • TDS controller: It brings TDS in water to acceptable levels.  
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