Best water purifier for your home

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Best water purifier for your home

Our health is directly affected by water consumption. Water purifiers play an essential role in this process. RO water purifiers have gained more popularity for purifying water with high TDS levels. Here is our top ten list, which includes features, pros, cons, and feedback. We recommend reading the guide to determine which water purifier is best for your health.

A wall-mount water purifier that purifies water from Cadmium and Chromium, Arsenic, and bacteria. A sensor is installed on the filter to notify you when the filter needs to be changed 15 days before. It purifies water efficiently from all sources, including borewells, municipal, and tankers, with 6-stage purification. The RO+UV+Minerals filter ensures safe drinking water. This product is a top-rated RO water purifier in India due to its outstanding features.

Propello has a water purifier that uses RO and copper technology. The alkaline function helps maintain the ideal pH balance for drinking water. It removes chlorine effectively, while the taste adjuster controller allows users to adjust it.

What is the working principle of water purifiers?

  • Water purifiers purify water by using both chemical and physical filtration. Chemical filtration removes larger particles from water, while biological filtration reduces them.

Different types of water purifiers

  • Ultrafiltration (UF), water purifier
  • Water purifier UV (Ultraviolet).
  • RO (Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier)
  • Sediment Filter
  • Activated carbon

Testing Criteria

  • To determine the total dissolved solids (TDS), test your results.
  • Check for visible particles.
  • Check for trace elements such as arsenic and lead.
  • Verify the NSF certification for the water purifier.

How do we choose the best water purifiers for you?

The following factors are essential to consider when shortlisting water purifiers:

* Storage Capacity

Each family member’s average daily water intake is between 2 and 4 liters. Therefore, it would help if you estimated how much-filtered drinking water you need at once.

* Plastic vs. Stainless Steel

Water purifiers typically have storage tanks made from sturdy, food-grade plastic. Stainless steel storage tanks provide more extended periods of safety from the growth of germs and bacteria.

* Maintenance and Warranty

Most water purifiers include a 12-month warranty for parts such as the sediment filter, carbon filter, and post-carbon filters, as well as a one-year warranty on the RO+ UF membrane.

* Service Quality

The best water purifiers must offer the best service. We looked at online reviews for each best water purifier for home and compared them to other online retailers like Amazon and Flipkart. The best customer service reviews were then chosen for you.

A Guide to Help You Choose the Best Water Purifier

Are you trying to find the best water purifiers within this price range? These are some things you should consider.

* Contamination

Contaminated water can contain heavy metals such as iron, lead, magnesium, copper, and arsenic. These metals can be toxic if they are consumed in large amounts. For areas with high TDS, some RO systems come with mineral cartridges.

* Electricity

You can determine the power consumption of your water purifier by looking at the label. This is usually located at the bottom or back of the device.

* Water Pressure

Water purifiers require pressure between 5-40 pounds per square inch (psi). Consider an activated carbon purifier if your water supply has low TDS levels.


Water purifiers’ life expectancy can be extended with these tips.

Most of India’s best water purifiers must be replaced every 6-8 months. It is essential to keep it clean by:

  • Change the filters at least once every six months.
  • You can clean the water tanks with products online or with a lemon and water solution.
  • Make sure you clean the pipes every two years.
  • To prevent Algae growth, avoid direct sunlight.



  1. ABS Plastic or Stainless steel tank – Which one is better?

ABS comes in a variety of colors. Stainless steel is a more aesthetic choice. It has a shiny appearance, which is attractive, elegant, and very clean.

  1. How do you choose the right water purifier?

Take the time to read the TDS range and details of the water purifier.

  1. Can I buy an inverter of one brand and an Inverter Battery from another?

Use the same brand, type, size, and expiration date batteries in one appliance. Because different types and batches might have various electrical capacities, this is a good idea.


The bottom line

We hope you found the information helpful and helped you decide about water purifiers.

After extensive research, we have created this list of the top water purifiers. Please read this information before you make any purchases.

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